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School District #36 (Surrey)

Individual Education Plan

(Type of IEP)


123 456 789

123 456

Case Manager: Katie Bianchin

Student Details
Name: Rebecca

PEN: 123 456 789

Date of birth: Jan 1, 2004

Gender: F

School: Pretend School

Grade: 00


Number and Street Name

Home phone: 604-000-0000

City, BC Postal Code

Work/Cell phone:

Division: 00

Ministry code: (e.g. H)

Home language: LANGUAGE

District designations: (e.g. 500; 519)

ESL instruction (years):

SD36 ID: 012 345 678

Goal Planning Goals and Objectives:

Strengths and Needs


Likes society studies and history

Improved participation in class discussions

Strong reader, likes fiction and non-fiction

More challenging work in class in areas of social

studies and literacy

Likes to share what she knows

Not yet meeting expectations in Math

High interest in Ancient Civilizations

Strength and Needs Action Plan:

Rebecca is a Grade 5 student that is currently exceeding expectations in the areas of reading
and social studies. She has a particular interest in Ancient Civilizations. Rebecca does not
qualify for the gifted education program due to the fact that she is not meeting expectations in
math. Rebecca is also keen to share her knowledge of ancient civilizations with the class, she
sometimes speaks out at inappropriate times and tends to dominate discussions. The first
goal of this IEP is to allow Rebecca ways to stimulate her interest in ancient civilizations
through independent study, mentorship, adapted curriculum as well as applying for the
challenge program. The second goal is to increase Rebecca's interest and motivation in math
by incorporating aspects of social studies and ancient civilizations. The third goal of this IEP
is to improve Rebecca's participation in class discussions that allows her to share her ideas
as well as respecting the rules and listening to her classmate's ideas.

GOAL #1: Provide more stimulation for student in areas of giftedness


Rebecca will explore areas of interest through independent study at least two hours per week


Rebecca's schedule will include Genius Hour where all students in the class can explore areas of
interest at least two hours per week

Rebecca will be able to demonstrate her learning and report to her class through presentations at
least once per term


Rebecca will participate in a compact curriculum in literacy and social studies to allow for extension
and acceleration


Teacher will provide student with more enriched activities and assignments in at least 30% of SS and
literacy classes

Rebecca will be given more advanced/complex criteria with at least one of the following
requirements: critical thinking, ethical decision making or creativity in assignments related to social
studies and literacy



Rebecca will be refer student to challenge program (in area of giftedness)


LST teacher will complete application to Challenge Program in Surrey School District (students are
accepted based on one area of giftedness and not overall academic giftedness like other programs)
by program deadline

If accepted, parents will take student to program for all sessions

Materials: Application for Challenge Program


Rebecca will be provided opportunities for mentorship and career exploration


Teacher will contact local organizations to seek mentorship for student including Museum of
Anthropology and UBC Anthropology department

Parents will find volunteering opportunities in the community for Rebecca to meet with people with
similar interests where Rebecca can work/volunteer at least once per month

As part of HACE class Rebecca will complete a project exploring a career that interests her


GOAL #2: Increase Rebecca's interest in math


LST teacher will collaborate with teacher to give class lessons and activities that incorporate both
math and ancient civilizations


LST and classroom teacher will meet once a term to collaborate on ways to engage Rebecca in math



Rebecca will be provided with ways to incorporate both math and elements of ancient civilizations
in several lessons this year


Rebecca will participate in at least three social studies lessons around currency for her unit on

Rebecca will participate in at least four math lessons where her teacher will use examples from
ancient civilizations

Rebecca will complete an independent project where she will be asked to present the ways that math
is used in ancient civilizations

Rebecca along with the rest of her class will keep a math journal where she will be encouraged to
write about her feelings about math, goals for herself and real life applications of the concepts the
class is studying at least once a week

GOAL #3:
Domain: Improve Rebecca's participation in class discussions

Rebecca will improve her listening skills and self regulation


Rebecca will be given only three opportunities to share her ideas during class discussions every day
using three tickets on her desk

Rebecca will participate in a class training session on active listening provided by her teacher

Rebecca will participate in small group discussions using an object to signify the speaker such as a
talking stick to provide a visual reminder at least once a month



Rebecca will find alternate ways to show the teacher and her peers what she knows


Rebecca will present to the class once a term on a topic of her choice for the genius hour program

Rebecca will be given time every day to keep a learning journal where she can write or blog about
what she has learned