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Chica 1: Hello!!!

Chica 2: Hello good day
Chef: Good Girls days…¿how are you?
Chica2: very good chef!!
Chef: I'm glad
Chica 1: ¿What we cook today chef?
Chef: Okay
Recipe of the day is ¨espagueti al cilantro
Chica2: mmmmm… how delicious
Chef: chica 1 ¿ what are the ingredients?
Chica 1: Okay…the ingredients are the following
1 cube chicken broth with coriander
600 g cooked spaghetti
4 tsp. Primavera® margarine salt
¾ cup cream
¼ cup milk
6 Tbsp. shredded cheese
Chef: our preparation method is the follows:
In a large skillet, melt the margarine Primavera® and add the cooked
Cook about 1 minute. Mix the milk with the cream and incorporate them
into the dough.
Add the chicken broth cube and dissolve completely integrating all
Serve sprinkled with cheese on top!
Chica2: mmmmm… how delicious

Mezclar la leche con la crema e incorporarlas a la pasta. Margarina Primavera® con sal ¾ Taza Crema ¼ Taza Leche 6 Cdas.This is all for today. Agregar el cubito Caldo de Pollo y disolver por completo integrando todos los ingredientes. Queso rallado MÉTODO DE PREPARACIÓN En un sartén grande fundir la Margarina Primavera® y agregar la pasta cocida. ¡Servir con el queso espolvoreado encima! . Cocinar 1 minuto aproximadamente..thank you RECETA ESPAGUETI AL CILANTRO INGREDIENTES 1 Cubo Caldo de Pollo con cilantro 600 g Espagueti cocido 4 Cditas.