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Isometric and

Orthographic Sketching

detailed. often just ballpark dimensions. Sketching Engineering Drawings Used as output of the design process to communicate the final design for production Precise lines and arcs. and almost always to scale Engineering Sketching Used at conceptual stage of design Freehand. but rather simply relative proportions We will be primarily sketching . not to a precise scale. general shapes and sizes.Engineering Drawing vs.

Unfolding the ‘Glass Box’ .

Layout of Views Standard Top Front & Right Side .

Sketching .Oblique Representation .

Isometric Representation .Sketching .

they must be produced from a 3D object or possibly an existing Isometric drawing or sketch .Isometric to Orthographic Orthographic Views are used extensively in engineering Often.

Isometric to Orthographic Hints for Orthographic Sketching • • • • • • • • • • • Identify the major features and overall dimensions Use clean. hidden and center lines . using construction lines Align the views Use light construction lines to locate vertices and edges Only measure dimensions along primary axes Map inclined and oblique faces between all three views Follow the precedence of lines Doublecheck to make sure there are no missing hidden or center lines Darken all visible. crisp strokes Do not use straightedges or scales when sketching Start by drawing bounding boxes and a miter line.

Iso to Ortho Block in the 3 views using overall width. then project height and width using construction lines Make sure depth is the same on Top and Right Views . height and depth Front View first.

Iso to Ortho Lightly block in major features in each view Place circles in views where they look round Begin darkening major features .

Iso to Ortho Construction lines can be used to project location or size of one feature to another view A miter line can be used to project Depth dimensions .

Iso to Ortho Finish adding all final lines Be sure to add all hidden and center lines Darken all final lines .

Iso to Ortho Completed Sketch with construction lines erased .