Al Dhafra Private School, Al Ain

Grade 6 English Term 2 - Mystery Fiction: Spy Dog

Vocabulary List 1
1. suspect: a suspect is the character who may have caused the problem or crime
2. suspense: there is suspense in the story when the readers do not know the solution until
the end of the story
3. detective: spy (someone who is trying to solve the mystery)
4. criminal: someone who did the crime
5. culprit: criminal
6. clues: hints that help the spies and readers solve the mystery
7. red herrings: something that confuses the spy and makes the search longer
8. ignore: pay no attention to
9. certainly: surely
10. ripped: torn (make into pieces)
11. nasty: bad
12. underneath: under or below
13. grateful: thankful
14. escapade: adventure
15. protest: complain
16. chuckled: laughed or giggled
17. burglary: robbery
18. neighbourhood: the area of a town that surrounds someone’s home or people who
live in that area
19. volunteer: helper
20. suspicious: doubtful or something you do not trust