1. All tournaments will be fished by the schedule determined at the beginning of
each year. Changes may be made when necessary because of foul weather or unsafe lake conditions.
2. Anglers are limited to the body of water on the schedule. No locking.
3. If a discrepancy occurs not covered by these rules, the current BFL rules will
4. In the event of a dispute, all rulings/decisions of club officer(s) present will be
final. Any protest must be made prior to the weighing of any fish. Once weigh-in
has begun, no protest will be accepted.
5. Artificial baits/lures only.
6. Only one line per angler in the water at a time. No trolling as a way of fishing.
7. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass, meeting lake minimum or larger,
are allowed.
8. Tournament hours begin at the moment you arrive at the launch ramp and
conclude when the last fish has been weighed.
1. Anglers are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manor, both on and
off the water. Disorderly conduct will not be tollerated by any club member.
2. There will be no alcohol consumption during tournament hours.
3. No fishing within fifty (50) yards of another club boat unless agreed upon by all
1. All contestants must wear a chest type life vest when the outboard is running
and the kill switch must be attached to the driver’s body.
2. All boats must meet South Carolina DNR and USCG requirements. All boats must
have functioning livewell pumps, bilge pumps and navigation lights.
3. Blast-off position will be determined by the order in which entry fees are
received. For tournaments less than 10 boats, an orderly shotgun start may be
used. For 10 or more boats, blast-off must be one at a time.

4. If you depart the tournament early, please leave a note indicating so on a club
officers tow vehicle window.
Weighing and Scoring
1. Five (5) fish limit and lake length will apply. “Golden Rule” will be the
measurement standard.
2. Check-in time will be 3:00PM unless otherwise set by club officers or tournament
3. Late check-in penality will be accessed as follows: Beginning at 3:05PM, a ¼
pound per minute will be deducted from the teams overall weight. Any team over
15 minutes late will be disqualified.
4. Weigh-in will begin 20 minutes after the scheduled end of the tournament at the
designated place.
5. Dead fish penality is 1 pound per dead fish. Dead fish may not be culled. Dead
fish are the responsibility of the angler.
6. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st. place – 100, 2nd. Place – 98, 3rd. place – 96,
etc. Any team not weighing fish, but fished the entire tournament, will be awarded
10 points less than the last place team weighing fish. 1 point will be awarded for
tournament big fish.
7. The largest fish of each team will be weighed first. All other remaining fish will
then be weighed. A team’s big fish will be utilized in the event of a tie. Dead fish
may be counted for “Big Fish” after dead fish penalty is applied. In the event of a
tie for Big Fish, tie will be broken by overall bag weight.
Membership and Tournament Fees
1. All fees must be paid in cash. Any fees collected are non-refundable.
2. Tournament season is from January 1st. until December 31st. The annual
membership fee is $40 per person. Persons joining after June 31st. will have their
dues pro-rated to $20.
3. Tournament fees are $25 per person. ($5 is for big fish and $20 is for
tournament payout.)
4. Guest fee is $10 per person, per event. A guest may fish two events, after which
they must pay the membership fee to continue fishing.