Week of:April 26-30

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Crazy 8 Team
Advanced LAR Social Studies Complete Poetry Ch. 15 TEST Layer 1 Work. Begin Reading Historical Fiction novels NOVELS due: 5/14 READING DAY Begin Study of the Civil War Recovery on In-class Ch. 16 – poetry Section 1 Begin Poetry Layer 2 Work In-class reading day for historical fiction novels Journal #1 due today Continue Civil War Study Ch. 15 – Section 2 Mapping Activity

Day Monday 4/26

Math Problem 2.1

Algebra Page 723 3-18, 334-39

Science 16-2 Fronts and Air Masses Worksheet

Language Arts Work on Poetry Layer 1 Final Drafts.

Tuesday 4/27 Wednesday Problem 2.3 4/28 Thursday Problem 2.4 4/29 Quiz #1 On radicals and pyth theorem Page 740 4-28evens, 33, 35, 36

Problem 2.2

Page 723 19-33, 40-48

Air Masses and Fronts VoiceThread Jigsaw Predicting Weather Weather Myths Video Record VoiceThread Predicting Weather Weather Symbols Worksheet 20-minute Reading Air Masses and Fronts Standard Check Moisture Blog Response Google Earth Activity

READING DAY Recovery on poetry Begin Poetry Layer 2 Work

Work on Poetry Layer 2 – due Friday

Work on Poetry Layer 2 – due Friday

Friday Reflection #2 4/30 Page 846 3-16, 19, 22

Plan Layer 2 finals Sign up for Book Trailer Presentations

In-class Reading/Work Day Sign up for Book Civil War Trailer Historical Fiction Presentations novels Journal #2 due today

Plan Layer 2 finals

Misc. Info.

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