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Spanish Baby Boy Names - Find Great Possibilities For Your

Son's Baby Name List!

Are you curious about Spanish baby boy names? You're in luck, because we've got all the
information you need! Your son's Spanish name will be one he can be proud of for the rest of his life.
Did you know the Spanish method of naming children makes certain their families are represented?
Spanish names require two surnames instead of the traditional one. One surname comes from the
father's family while the other is pulled from the mother's side. The father's name can come first, or
the mother's name. But once the family decides which name will come first, and they use that
surname title for their first child, the law requires that all their children have the same ordered
Therefore, what is often considered a middle name is not really a middle name at all - it is another
surname. The concept of middle names does not apply when choosing Spanish baby boy names.
First names are always chosen by the parents, but sometimes the priest at the child's baptism will
bestow a second given name on the child. This is often done to reflect upon certain saints. This
second name, however, does not have a legal basis - it is given by the Church and kept within the
family as a tradition, but doesn't appear on any legal documents. italian names starting with B
The only caveat in the law concerning Spanish names is that a child cannot have a name that is an
embarrassment. Unless the given name is something that means a derogatory word, or has some
other connotation that might make the child uncomfortable, anything goes!
Spanish baby boy names often roll from the tongue with a beautiful, melodic sound. They always
have meanings behind them as well. If your child is named after one of the patron saints, then the
meaning is obvious. For other popular names, the meanings aren't so clear cut.
Amistad is a popular name, meaning "friendship". Another common name is Consuelo, meaning
"consolation". Calling your little boy Cordero means "little lamb", but calling him Cortez means
"conqueror". Galeno means "little bright one". The name Miguel is highly popular, and is a derivative
of Michael, meaning "to know God".
Some names reflect the religious heritage of the child. The name Oleos means "holy oil used in
church", while the name Santos means "of the saints". Calling a child Salvador is the same as calling
him "savior". Manuel means "God is with us".
Other beliefs are reflected in Spanish baby boy names as well. Calling a child Senon means "given
life by Zeus", and there are more pagan names in the Spanish heritage, such as Jacinto, meaning
"hyacinth". Colon means "dove" and Castel means "belonging to the castle".
The Spanish baby boy names are always interesting and melodic. They also have a rich heritage in
that they use the surnames of both the mother and the father. If you give your child one of the
Spanish baby boy names, you will have the confidence in knowing that name is one that your son will
be proud to live with for the rest of his days!