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2016 MAATJ Haiku Contest Application

MAATJ (Mid-Atlantic Association of Teachers of Japanese) invites students of Japanese language in the Mid-Atlantic area to enter
their haiku poem for 2016 MAATJ Haiku Contest! This year again we received funding from the Japan Foundation and hope to
have more submissions. Each school may submit a maximum of three Haiku per category. We will accept your submission
only by Email with attachments. The application form is below.


Elementary 3rd and 4th graders (immersion, FLES or any program)

Elementary 5th and 6th graders (immersion, FLES or any program)
Middle School 7th and 8th graders (immersion or any program)
High School Japanese 1 equivalent (may include 8 th graders)
High School Japanese 2 equivalent
High School Japanese 3 equivalent
High School Japanese 4 equivalent
High School Japanese 5 (or higher) equivalent
College 100 level
College 200 (or higher) level

Student's haiku

Must be original work.

Must be written in Japanese.
Must consist of three lines with the syllables of five, seven, and five.*
Must include a season-referencing word.
Second vowel of long vowels such as a, i, e, o, or u counts as two syllables.
Example: otoosan 5 syllables, kuuki 3 syllables
Small "tsu" of double consonants counts as one syllable.
Example: motto 3syllables, yukkuri 4 syllables
Contracted sounds such as kya, kyu, kyo, etc. count as one syllable.

Example: kisha 2 syllables, ningyoo 4 syllables

Submission Information for Teachers
No fee for the current MAATJ members school. $10 entry fee for non-members school.
Each school may submit three or fewer entries for each category.
Each school is encouraged to hold an in-school contest.
Please use one Haiku Submission form per category (up to three students)
Submitted haiku may be published after receiving permission from the teacher.
Please use MS Mincho font and fill in all information on the Haiku Submission form.
In each category, the top three places will be selected and will be awarded with trophies and certificates.
When a school does not follow the above regulations, the application will be disqualified from the contest.
For any suggestion or questions, please email to

*All entries must arrive by Saturday, March 19, 2016*

Haiku Submission Form

School Information
School Name in English:

Teacher's Name:

Teacher's Email:

Student 1 name:





Student 2 name:
Student 3 name:




Please send your entries to:

by March 19, 2016

email the entry forms attached to: