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Foundation Grant 2009-2010 Follow-Up Evaluation Report

As a recipient of a School District 73lh Foundation Grant, we ask that you evaluate your project's success and report to us. Please use the following questions as a guideline for your report. Feel free to attach any additional information that pertains to your evaluation. Please return completed forms to the District Office (attention Laura Montgomery) by April 16,2010 in order to receive future grant funding from the PTA. Applicant(s) name(s): LizOsiecki and Persephone Kelly Project Title: Listenand Learn Did the project meet your goals and expectations? Please explain. Yes, the project provided a wide variety of literature, which the teachers were able to enhance and integrate with the Kindergarten curricula. How many students benefited from the project? 100 kindergarten students How did they benefit? (speak to the impact on students' learning and/or the enrichment level) Listenand Learn developed and enhanced the chidren's reading and writing skillsas well as fostered independence during Daily 5. It provided access to higher text levels, built vocabulary and improved their fluency.

How did the students view the project? The books/CDs were used primarily during Daily 5 at the Listening Centers. The students love the listening center. They look forward to using the center and get very excited when new books are introduced. It is a very engaging learning activity, which has fostered their love of reading. Would you be interested in continuing this project? Explain and mention if your would make any changes if you were to continue with this project? The books will remain in our school library for teacher check-out. If applicable, how could your project be shared and duplicated within the school district? How were you able to share this project with parents and the community? The books/CDs are for teacher check-out and classroom use only. The students usually do a follow-up activity to then take home and share with their family. Parents were also able to view the center at Open House. Budget information" Please attach your receipts, purchase order and any other details about your spending. Please offer any comments and lor suggestions for the grant program. The Kindergarten teachers really liked the variety of new books. We had such a limited selection prior to the project that it made it difficult to use the listening cente consistently. With the additional new books/CDs, we are able to provide a new book weekly. Thank you very much for your support!