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Foundation Grant 2009-2010 Follow-Up Evaluation Report As a recipient of a School District 73½ Foundation Grant, we ask that

you evaluate your project’s success and report to us. Please use the following questions as a guideline for your report. Feel free to attach any additional information that pertains to your evaluation. Please return completed forms to the District Office (attention Laura Montgomery) by April 16, 2010 in order to receive future grant funding from the PTA. Applicant(s) name(s): Meg Kohen Project Title: CD-2e Digital Recorder Did the project meet your goals and expectations? Having use of the digital recorder has been extremely useful this year, especially while preparing for IGSMA Solo/Ensemble rehearsal. I feel as though there is even more I have yet to learn to fully utilize the recorder’s capabilities, soo the goals of implementing the recorder in my program will be ongoing. How many students benefitted from the project? All of my swing choir students received practice CDs for their use at home and at school. (64 students total this year alone). How did they benefit?

CD recordings were made of each student’s individual voice part and accompaniment. They were each given a copy of the CD to use as part of their at home practice regimen. I noticed that many students were much more comfortable rehearsing with their accompanist this year, and I believe much of this has to do with their prior preparation using the practice CDs. I was also to make recordings for studnets to use during recess and afterschool practice sessions. This was a huge benefit to the program, as students were able to rehearse even if I needed to be with another group or student. I felt good about knowing the students had a directed recording to practice with instead of simply sitting a with a piece of music not knowing how the notes or rhythms sound.

How did the students view the project? Many students have commented to me that having the practice CDs were very helpful in their preparation of Solo/Ensemble music. The scores at the festival also reflected this preparation: we had the most perfect scores in the solo division that we’ve seen in a long time! Would you be interested in continuing this project? Explain and mention if your would make any changes if you were to continue with this project? My plans are to continue to use the CD recorder for Solo/Ensemble, but also to extend its uses next year to other things, including: choir practice CDs, choir audition CDs, guided practice CDs for sectionals, and recordings of concerts and other performances. If applicable, how could your project be shared and duplicated within the school district? We are already planning on using the CD recorder for future contests we host to provide recorders of each school’s choir and

band ensembles. This might also be a useful tool for Lisa Friedman to use in creating practice CDs for the Middleton Musical.

How were you able to share this project with parents and the community? The parents of my students were informed through email and written communication about the CD recorder. They were also given detailed information about how they should be expecting their children to practice at home, and why the practice CD is an essential tool in their child’s learning.