Transnational LGBTQ Organizing in the World and on the Web

Friday, April 30th
  9:00 am Coffee, tea and light breakfast served

9:30 am                 Welcome by Sarah Chinn, CLAGS Executive Director   9:45 am What is the International Resource Network (IRN)? Description of the history and structure of the IRN and its goals. Coordinators’ Panel: Featuring IRN Regional Coordinators What is happening in relationship to sexual minority activism and scholarship in the IRN regions, and how is that represented on the IRN website? Panelist: Vidya Kissoon (Caribbean Region), Jasmin Blessing (Latin America), Sybille Nyeck (Africa),Yukiko Hanawa (Asia), Rustem Ertug Altinay (Middle East), Mark Blasius (North America) Technology Panel: Featuring sexual minority activists and scholars who use the Internet as a central tool for their work How can technology facilitate on-line and “real-world” work and progress for sexual minorities? What are the possibilities and limitations of the IRN and other online tools such as social networking and blogs? Panelist: Vidya Kisson, Serkan Gorkemli, John Cho Lunch Break: Lunch Provided

10:00 am

11:30 am

1:00‐2:00 pm

2:00 pm                   Arts/Media Panel: Talk Back: Parvez Sharma: A Jihad for Love  3:00 pm                   Funders Panel: Featuring representatives from the Astraea Foundation and Jewish World Service.  Why are funders increasingly supporting work that is similar to that of the IRN? What have funders learned from their support of these projects, and what are their priorities for the present and near future?  Panelist: Dulce Reyes (Astraea Foundation), Sarah Gunther (Jewish World Service)  4:30‐6:00 pm Reception: Food and Drink provided

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