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Technical Information · Help sheets for use with AutoCAD & EaglePoint in NRCS work (PDF) · (PDF) · Iowa Technical Standards and Statements of Work Name Description Download User Manual Download Link Updated Program 3/27/00 4/20/00

Iowa Terrace v4.1.1 Iowa Total Station Utilities v7.3 Iowa Pond - Hydro Yardage v5.31 WinPond 2007

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Data, Tools and Models Name Description Download Program XLS Link Updated


Wetland Ditch and Drain Plugs, Spreadsheet for Excel 7.0 TR9 Circular Concrete Tank, Spreadsheet for Excel 7.0 Livestock Watering System Pipeline Design for Excel


XLS (112 KB)


IaPipeline.xls V1.35 Rock_Chute.xls

XLS (894 KB)


Rock Chute Design Program, XLS (443 KB) Spreadsheet for Excel XP version


IaDropInlet.xls v1.02 IaHoodInlet.xls v1.10 WW FieldBook.xls v.1.3

Drop Inlet Pipe Flow Program, Spreadsheet for Excel Hood Inlet Pipe Flow Program, Spreadsheet for Excel Field Book for Data Import of Waterway Survey in Eagle Point Calc, for Excel Drainage Diaphragm Size and Location calculations, Excel Riprap lined Plunge Pool for Energy Dissipation from a Cantilever Pipe Outlet, Excel Converts Eagle Point Storage Data into SITES, WinPond, and HydroYardage Formats Updates Ohio SSRP List to Include All Jobs in the Data Directory Runoff Reduction Credit for Terraces, Spreadsheet for Excel

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XLS (687 KB)


XLS (390 KB)


IaDDiaphragm.xls v.1.1 IaPlungePool.xls v.1.2

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XLS (443 KB)


Convert EP Pool Data.xls v1.46

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SSRP Dir Updater.xls v1.00

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IaDesignReportWSdam.xls Design report & documentation v1.02 tool for watershed dams

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National Engineering Tools (Software and training)

NRCS Employees

Non-NRCS* Software Manual

WinPond 2006, Version 1.5 is a computer program used for the design of small farm ponds and other runoff impoundments. SET Phase I is a computer program used for field office use. SET is an easy-to-use tool that provides the basic functions to develop, display, and print contour maps from field office survey data. SET works similarly to Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) programs but contains only basic features to create and modify survey maps. EFT: SET Training Video. This 40-minute video provides training on how to use the Engineering Field Tools (EFT) and the Survey Engineering Tool (SET) module. This video helps new users and those who have limited experience using EFT or SET. The video walks the viewer through the basic functions of the software. Narrator: Kip Yasumiishi, Agricultural Engineer, NRCS, West Ntional Technology Support Center. AutoCAD 3D Map 2006 AutoCAD 3D Map 2007 Civil 3D CADD 2007







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Data Inventory for Planning Livestock Waste Management Systems (PDF) Curve Number Computation (PDF) Inventory of Dams (PDF)

Computer Aided Design settings for line width/weight, line types, text sizes & styles, dimensioning, and layer/level naming (PDF) Autodesk Map 2006 & Eagle Point files for Iowa implementation of the CAD standards - Includes Customized Eagle Point menus and NRCS design macros (17.9 MB)


*NRCS Partners, Consultants, Technical Service Providers (TSP), Universities, Private Citizens, etc.If you have any questions, please contact the Conservation Engineering Division at (202) 720-0250. Disclaimer - As with any engineering software, use of these programs, or the information on this site, is not a replacement for a professional engineering evaluation of the situation. This on-line software is meant for conservation practice planning and design and is in no way a replacement for a thorough engineering review. A professional engineer, licensed in the appropriate field of engineering, should always conduct the final evaluation of the application; and that individual, not NRCS or its employees and representatives, is responsible for the final engineering design and performance of the application at hand. This software is supplied "as is," and NRCS specifically excludes warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the data generated by the use of this program and does not assume liability for any losses or damage resulting form the use of this program or the information supplied with it. NRCS does not warrant, guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of use, of this software or accompanying information in terms of its accuracy, validity, completeness, applicability, or compliance with any regulatory code or governmental laws and regulations. Use of this software and information involves some risks, and the entire risk as to the results and performance of the software and accompanying information is the user's responsibility and liability.