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Lucas Peach
Mr. Hawkins
Modern World History, Period 3
21 March 2016
What Factors Caused the Rapid Growth of the Nazi Party in the 1920s? Why Were the Nazis So
Successful At Acquiring Political Power?
The ability to achieve power and growth among a group of people is a meaningful and
difficult task. The Nazi party grew without cease by many different things that were occurring
throughout that time period. The Nazis were very good at acquiring political power because of
how influential they were and all the promises they made. In the end, the difficulties that the
German people had ran into, were promised to come to an end if Hitler and the Nazis were to
become the nations leaders.
The first factor to aid the Nazis was the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles
helped lead to this in five ways. First, there was the common belief that Germany had been
betrayed, since the Armistice had been signed before allied troops had reached German
soil. (Evidence 1) The Germans were looking for someone to blame for this. They especially
Catholics, bankers, and particularly the Jews. Next, the Treaty of Versailles angered the
German people and destabilized Germany both economically and politically. (Evidence 1)
This destabilization in the economic and political state of Germany was what Hitler used as a
disguise to seem dedicated to the country. He promised to cure all of these declines. Mainly the
Depression, especially with the renewed raising of tariffs, created tense international
relations. All these provided the conditions for Hitler to seize power. (Evidence 1) The
depression was a huge thing that helped Hitler because he also promised to bring back jobs, and
this appealed to every working person. He did so much to make the people trust him through his

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confident speaking and intelligence. Despite the treaty being a very bad thing for Germany, Hitler
used it to his advantage, allowing the Nazis and his ideas to rise up.
Hitler and the Nazis became powerful through other ways as well. Regarding the great

depression once again, The Nazis got lucky when the Great Depression hit. When people
have difficulties. They turn to extreme views in order to solve their problem. Hitler was
that solution. (Evidence 2) Many people knew the values of Hitler, but his respect for the
country and apparent love for its wellbeing is what the people found necessary. Hitler hated
Jews, but the people were desperate for Germany to go back to its prosperous state. They
would walk out when votes needed to be taken and tried to paralyze the Riechstag
(Parliament) in any sort of way they could during the depression. In essence, through this
program of catastrophe the Nazis were causing the internal disintegration of the Weimar
Republic. (Evidence 2) Using this strategy was very good for the Nazis and Hitler since it
could bring them even more power. The Nazis needed this and it was a smart tactic to use.
Hitler struck a deal with the two other major parties the Social Democrats and the Center
party where they agreed that each of the three parties would keep one-third of the seats in
the Reichstag and Hitler would be the Chancellor. (Evidence 2) With Hitler as Chancellor,
he had more government power, even though the current President, General Von Hindenburg, did
not like Hitler. Hitler was able to spread more of his Nazi ideology and had more opportunities as
Chancellor to lead.
Hitler didnt just come into power because of his promises, he also seemed very genuine
to the German public. He appealed to morality, attacking free love and what he inferred
was the immorality of Berlin and some other major cities. He promised to stamp out big
city corruption. He called for a spiritual revolution, for a positive Christianity and a

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spirit of national pride. (Evidence 3) All of these values were important to the Germans when
looking for a good leader. Hitler believed Germany was the superior nation and the people liked
this idea as well. Hitler got support from some among the newly rich and among some
aristocrats. He found support among the few industrialists and financiers who wished for
lower taxes and end to the labor movement. (Evidence 3) All of this support meant Hitler
would be more influential and allow the Nazis to have more power among the country. Since he
had support from the richer community of Germany he could receive help as well. Then In July
1934, Hindenburg passed away and Hitler combined the offices of President and
Chancellor to make himself Fuhrer or leader. (Evidence 2) This was the most important
factor in allowing Hitler to become powerful. While being Fuhrer he received the support of all
of Germany and was given to freedom to do all he wishes.
Hitlers ability and strategies to come into power were very good, and much of them
were just luck. He was able to become trustworthy and loved by the people because of his
promises to end the difficulties that Germany had come across. He showed a genuine love and
appreciation for the people and country of Germany and appeared to believe to know how to
make it wonderful. He was confident, and intelligent, but his view on the Jews is why he is
hated. The German people needed a good leader, to drag them out of their issues, but this was at
the risk of millions of innocent peoples lives.

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