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Learning the Language of Literacy- READING EOG WORD WALL WORDS

Examples of Genre Examples of Text Features Some Poetry Terms Some Drama Terms Question Stem Vocabulary
Fiction Bold print Poetry Drama Reader’s Theatre Most likely
Non-fiction Subheadings Poet Plays Script Most similar
Narrative Subtitles Speaker Skits Best answer
Eye witness account Italics Stanza Monologues Best example
Drama Parenthesis Numbered line Narrator Best describes
Poetry Graph Imagery Scene Mainly
Memoir Map Rhyme Act Approximately
Summary Graphic Rhythm Cast of Characters About
Order form organizer Free verse Stage directions Based on
Menu Empty box Alliteration Props According to
Schedule Illustration Curtain Some instance
Recipe Heading Examples of Figurative Similar to
Make-believe Foot notes Some Recipe Terms Different from
Biography Time line Results of
Recipe Measure Exaggeration
Autobiography Diagram Ingredients Pour Personification Significance
Article Figure Impact
Utensils Mix Simile
Table Equipment Stir Metaphor Characteristics
Flow Chart Situation
Bake Knead Alliteration
Oven Whisk Importance
Some Literacy Concepts (Verbs) What We Ask Students to Do to Show Their Thinking Question Stem Vocabulary
Cause and Effect Apply Evaluate Select Selection
Main Idea Assume Explain Solve Author
Purpose Choose Identify State Reference
Opinion Clarify Imagine Summarize Word
Mood Communicate Infer Phrase
Tone Compare Investigate Sentence
Fact Contrast Justify Paragraph
Details Conclude List Margin
Main problem Construct Organize Experience
Influence Convince Predict Vocabulary
Information Define Present Quotation marks
To entertain Develop Pretend Brackets
To inform Discuss React Definition
To persuade Elaborate Relate
To teach Emphasize Represent

These words may or may not be applicable to any specific grade level (3-8). These words should be included in instructional activities where and when appropriate. This list
is not exclusive of other vocabulary words that students may need in preparation for the Reading Comprehension EOG.