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Why do we exist?

We exist to close the achievement gap by
preparing students with the character traits
and academic skills that will take our
students to and through college to become
world changers.

Choice- for the life students can have or

college they can attend
Giving opportunity to students/ leveling the
playing field in education
Students being successful and being good
Mission statement: The mission of
Henderson Collegiate is to empower
students with the character traits, academic
skills, social experiences, and love of
learning necessary for them to shape their
own destinies, attend the college of their
choice and become world-changing
problem solvers.

Core: We are humble, hungry, and smart

(intention into action)

Permission to play: social intelligence,
enthusiasm, belief in kids, proficient in their
area of expertise, self-responsibility,
Aspirational: integrity, responsibility,
Positive, urgent, determination, intensity,
grit, love
Accidental: Youthful staff

Core: No short-cuts, no excuses, 100%

Humble, hungry, smart

Everything is grounded in what is best for
Passion and sacrifice
Hard work
Being reflective
Team and family

What we do?

We teach character education and prepare
students for college and life

We teach character education and prepare
students for college and life

How will we succeed?

We focus relentlessly on character
development and student achievement

We develop and equip our teachers to

Planning events to give students

Investing and empowering our parents
Creating and enhancing our intellectual

Build positive relationships and

partnerships with families and the

Develop partnerships with students and
family through communication and

We invest and empower our families and
build partnerships with our community and
the international community