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Evidence for PDP

2/11/16- Move Your Bus Part 2

1.Get there Early- Use your time wisely
2. Wear Your Good Clothes- You can look professional and neat
3. Say Hello- It is very important to uplift and hello. Good energy and bad energy are contagious
4. Sit with the Runners- Creates Division among the bus
Mrs. George says this is brown nosing
5. Ask for Help- Everybody need to be able to help, and we feel stupid when we have to ask questions,
6. Accept Criticism- Just say Im Sorry and I will not do it again.
It has gotten worse.Criticize in a nice, reflective way.
Give peptalks
7. Clean the Windshield
8. Take the hint
9. Listen More than you Talk
10. Stay in your Lane
11. Change the Conversation to Change the Culture
12. Allow the Runners to Reap the Rewards
13. Exude a Sense of Urgency
14. Find Solutions
15. Realize you are not Entitled to this Job
16. Be Credible
17. Pay Attention to Details

3-18-16- STAR Math Presentation

30 years worth of experience
Spanish Versions coming soon at no additional charge
Assessments can be given on any device
20 min test time
Computer adaptive- items get harder when answered correctly
Data transfers to new school
1st Grade - 12th grade skills
Norm Referenced
Learning Progressions
GSP Growth Measures
550 skills measured - through algebra 2
Domains- not foundational skill assessment
Item Validity
10,000 kids sample before valid item
Can be given weekly for progress monitoring
Variety of skill in initial test based on progression of skill
Developed learning progressions based on student performance
Core Progress MAth Learning Progression
Number and Operations
Geometry and Measurement
Data analysis, Statistics and probability
Every skill has a difficulty score on the STAR scale
Here are the next skills they are ready to learn
Ex: All domains not listed for every student
Aligned resources to each skill
SGP - Student Growth Percentiles
Most states use SGP of 35 to indicate typical growth
As much or more than her academic peers 35 to 65 of their peers
Based on National Norms
Report Options
Screening and PM
Kid Login:
Take a Math Test
Practice Questions
Need 100 word vocab to take STAR math test
Multiple Choice
Read aloud options
How does it guide Core and Intervention Instruction
Instructional Planning Report
Current area
Focus on number and operation skills for interventions
Report for Guiding interventions
Arrows identify the focus skill
Gives grouping suggestions and skills to be addressed with key skills to be identified
Report has link to skills- skill cards- links to resources
Top rated resources will come to the top
Provides performance tasks and rubrics
Sample Items
Worked examples

Progress Monitoring
Can run reports different ways - depending on login
Bi monthly progress monitoring for Tier II

Intervention Name
End Date
Starting Test
5 options for goals - Moderately Ambitious 50 SGP or 66 GSP (just above average growth)
Or define a custom goal
Progress monitoring report shows progress compared to the trend line
What statistical procedure is creating the trendline?
Does this give enough skill specific information?
SEM is 50 scale score points
You can void a test - only district administrator
Difference in probe model is no diagnostic piece

Interesting looking comparability report

Includes past, present and future growth profile
Compared to where to be in order to be proficient in EOG
Gives progression lines at different growth rates
Links from this report to resources for instruction

District Dashboard Navigator

Schools who are district average, who is below, who is growing, etc.

Performance Report
If students follow the growth model, this is what EOG will look like in May
Student Diagnostic Report

STAR Custom
Manage Tests
Manage Items - Different types of Items
Create tests from Item Banks
Click Align to a Skill
Students can see skill progress and score
Tests can be shared
Shows if you have used item on another assessment

K-12 Open Item Banks

Also Science Learning Progression
Can create skill specific Assessments
Can add your own questions
Can report by Skill Mastery

Benchmark use with diagnostic guide
Develop PM tools

Concerns: Skill specific reporting?

Time to customize PM tools
Norming the PM tools
Transfer issues with 2nd graders taking tests online
With custom - not reliable, normed probes

Eliminates issue of what to choose to progress monitor

Gives goal for skill focus

PM and Tracking:
Setting Goal:

Progression of Phonics Skill?

Short vowels and long vowels
Initial consonant blends
Consonant digraphs
Consonant blends
Variant vowels
Dipthongs and r controlled vowels
Consonant digraphs
Cvc words

Syllable patterns

Syllable patterns
affixe s and base words