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MCB Internship Report

MCB Internship Report


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Published by Haseeb Razzaq
Internship Report on MCB
Internship Report on MCB

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Published by: Haseeb Razzaq on Apr 27, 2010
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Responsibilities of staff depend upon the scale of the staff members.

Higher the rank of the staff higher will be the responsibility on it. For example

the Branch Manager responsibility is higher than the Operational Manager.

Internship Report


Branch Manager has the responsibility to deal with the Branch

customer and with the outsider parties also while all the remaining staff is

responsible to deal with the Branch customers only. Branch Manager is

responsible for the internal and external environment and the remaining staff

is responsible for internal environment only.

Operational Manager has the responsibility to check the activities of

his subordinates. Cashier is responsible for all the cash transactions which

occur in the Bank. Customer Relation officer is responsible to deal the

customers well and provide them the necessary information if required.

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