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Curriculum Area: Social Studies

Subject Area: Geography: : United

Lesson Title: Maps of Eastern Europe
Suggested Grade Level: 6
Equipment Needed: poster board, markers, computers, books, media lab time,
projector, screen
Focus Question: How do the geograhpic features of these countries affect
their governments, cultures, and economies?
Learning Objectives: In a classroom setting, the students will explain the
importance of the geographic features of each of the
following four countries: United Kingdom, France,
Germany, and Italy
Instructions Students will be divided into four groups. Each group will
be assigned a different country. Each group will research the
geographic features of its assigned country. Each group will
work collaboratively to create a map showing the geographic
features of its assigned country. Each student within the
groups will choose one geographic feature and research
how that feature affects the government, culture, and
economy of his assigned country. Each student will prepare
and present a power point presentation detailing the
results of his research.
Evaluation of Content: Teacher observation along with the project rubric will be
used to evaluate this activity. In addition, students planning
worksheets will be used for assessment purposes. Quality
of research, the information drawn from sources, and the
extent to which students answered the focus question
also will be assessed.
Evaluation of Learning to access, analyze, and apply information from
Curriculum Integration: different resources is a necessary skill for students and will
be observed. How well students locate information,
determine what information is valuable, and apply that
information will be examined. Student motivation and
enthusiam when creating power point presentations also
will assist with evaluating the technology.
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