Emerging Health Leaders (EHL

National Development Officer Recruitment
Emerging Health Leaders (EHL) is seeking to fill a position on its National executive.
The EHL executive is a growing, national level virtual network committed to providing
mechanisms for engagement and professional development. All interested parties are
encouraged to apply, previous service on EHL local or national executive will be
prioritized. Please indicate your interest by sending a statement of interest to
EHLCanada@gmail.com by April 1, 2015
Development Officer (2 year term)
The Development Officer is responsible for providing, in collaboration with the National
Executive and local EHL nodes, support to local nodes at their various stages of
development and establishing infrastructure to support EHL across Canada. Specific
responsibilities include:

Support local executive development and network with EHL nodes
Recruit and support establishment of new EHL nodes
Establish infrastructure to support EHL nodes across Canada. This includes but is
not limited to:
o Establishing a shared drive and process for maintenance of access
o Identifying, developing and maintaining template documents ie. contracts,
MOUs, sponsorship letters etc
Sit on the Mentorship Sub Committee and provide liaison between subcommittee,
national executive and local nodes to ensure collective objectives are being
achieved and communicated
Meeting requirements:
o National Executive: Ad Hoc, Regular schedule to be established
o Mentorship Sub Committee: approx. every 6 weeks
o National Co-Chairs: every 2 months

Time commitment: 10 hours/month (on average)

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