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EDU 431 Portfolio Assignment

Melissa Bianchi

Standard of Professional Practice

Members apply professional knowledge and experience to promote student learning.
They use appropriate pedagogy, assessment, evaluation, resources and technology in planning for
and responding to the needs of individual students and learning communities. Members refine
their professional practice through ongoing inquiry, dialogue and reflection.
Description of the Artifact:
The artifact that I am submitting as proof of my growth on the standard above is the EDU
Blog Website that I created in EDU 431 - Methods of Teaching Math & Science. This particular
artifact could be descried as a blog/website that is intended to be accessed and viewed globally
from any one person, from any one computer. Based on course knowledge and assignments, the
EDU Blog Website that I created provides audience members with an outlet to topics and
information that was learned and discussed in class, as well as a demonstration of my ongoing
growth as a professional current student and future teacher. Additionally, the EDU Blog Website
could provide audience members with additional resources that could help extend their
knowledge and growth over a particular subject matter; example being how to effectively
integrate math and science seamlessly into the classroom and the importance of doing that. In
that, all posts that are uploaded, there are relevant and interactive links attached to all course
readings that can enhance and maximize both teacher and student learning. Refer to the provided
link for information regarding course readings being discussed http:// In each post that I
uploaded on my EDU Blog, I was very aware and conscious of my writing, language, and
grammatical mechanics to ensure that the information being conveyed to all parties that visit my
EDU Blog Website were informative, appropriate, educational and overall, helpful. Integrating
this same EDU Blog Website into all my current courses in Term 2 of Teachers College at
Niagara University is a great learning resource that provides anyone with the opportunity to
explore the contents of resource links, the Ontario Curriculum through lesson plans, my
professional knowledge through student self-reflections and course understandings based on the
portfolio, in an interactive and engaging manner; that of which can be uncovered outside of the
Artifact Rationale:
The EDU Blog Website is a significant educational tool that promotes the investigation of
learning in an interactive and engaging way. As technology is beginning to become the new
phenomenon for student learning, an EDU Blog Website is an essential and imperative way to

explore student learning through a new way. In that, students become more motivated to learn as
they will discover the significance of their work and how it can be recognized by the world.
Additionally, the integration of technology in the classroom also enables teachers to incorporate
a variety of ways to further engage and motivate their students, all while utilizing diverse
educational techniques. According to Duffy & Bruns (2006), within the structure of a blog,
students can demonstrate critical thinking, take creative risks, and make sophisticated use of
language and design elements (pg. 4). In doing so, the students obtain creative, critical,
communicative, and collaborative skills that can be of use to them in both academic and
professional contexts. With the growing popularity of blogs, students are able to enhance their
reading, writing, and critical thinkings skills through a new and exciting way; students are
literally learning through doing and may not even recognize it. Integrating such technology into
the classroom easily enables students to reach their optimal growth, learning, and higher-order
thinking within the classroom. Similar to my created EDU Blog Website, which can be found at, provided links and
resources provide student and audience members with direct links to other websites or resources
to expand a persons learning and development. By recruiting an EDU Blog Website into the
classroom, the knowledge that students obtain is emphasized as the students are able to
reiteration and build upon course information through their own personal belief with the use of
online learning to further their understanding. EDU Blog Websites have evolved along similar
lines to other forms of human communication in that they are a product of convenience rather
than design. Blog pundit John Hiler has described the blog as 'the latest disruptive technology',
the 'killer app' that has the capacity to engage people in collaborative activity, knowledge
sharing, reflection and debate, where complex and expensive technology has failed (Williams &
Jacobs, 2004, pg. 2). Essentially, EDU Blog Websites integrate technology in the classroom that
supports student achievement and success through a new and motivating way.
My work on this artifact has encouraged and enabled me to see the endless advantages of
EDU Blog Websites in the classroom. Through the utilization of this EDU Blog Website in both
my EDU 431 - Methods of Teaching Math & Science and my EDU 498 - Instructional
Technology course, I have been able to explore and research online tools and resources that are
available to students, and how those same tools can be easily integrated into the classroom to
best aid student learning and development. Additionally, this EDU Blog Website has allowed me
to understand the importance of offering further methods of learning as the students are given the
opportunity to become constructors of their own learning. In this new learning, I strongly believe
that teachers need to continuously keep up-to-date with current research and teaching practices in
order to best aid their students and to innovate techniques in their teaching that will continue to
motivate and engage their students in learning. Creating an EDU Blog Website is a considerable
way to meet the needs and requirements of all students in the classroom as it is known that all
students have different learning styles and needs. Creating my EDU Blog Website assisted me to
recognize and understand the advantages of using and incorporating technology in the classroom
and how it advances and enhances student learning and achievement. There is so much more to
technology then a simple Youtube video, or a PowerPoint presentation and that is something that

really needs to be understood by not only teachers, but parents as well. Students are first priority
and they should be given the opportunity to expand their academic growth and success through
the best forms of learning; technology currently becoming a large indicator of just that.

Duffy, P. D., & Bruns, A. (2006). The use of blogs, wikis and RSS in education: A
conversation of possibilities.
Williams, J. B., & Jacobs, J. S. (2004). Exploring the use of blogs as learning spaces in
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