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Wheels in The Sky

1. The world is run by some power

2. every day is the same thing with only slight variations
3. good and bad mixed up for you your self to discover
4. your days grinding away at you like the gears of a mechine the will one day rust
and stop working
5. but untill then you have to look up at the sky past the darkness and be happy
6. one day after the other
7. find joy in the same damn things
8. each one the same with different outcomes
9. you expect change but never truly try to change anything

10. promising to yourself that something will change

11. but it never does
12. Every day is different with only slight variations
13. bad and good mixed up with only some variations
14. mixed up for you to discover your self
15. You days are grinding away like the gears of a machine in rain
16. look past the darkness of the same thing over and over
17. just one day after another
18. each one with alternate endings
19. false promises
20. yet nothing changes