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Contact Info

Tony R Covert-Mathematics Teacher


12:20- 1:20pm

Classroom phone: 480-123-4567
Students are welcome to meet with me before school and during lunch with no
appointment. I am also available after school by appointment. Parent/guardians are encouraged
to email or call me at any time, but I will not reply until after school hours (some exception may
be made). I will reply in the same method I was contacted with (e-mail or phone).
This course covers geometric and other key mathematical concepts. The majority of the
concepts in this course will be related to spatial reasoning including: finding measures of lines
angles and shapes, creating formulas/ methods for interpreting information, and understanding
the formal definitions and theorems that are used in geometry.
In order to learn these topics, students will need to put effort into their own learning.
Paying attention during lectures, and staying engaged with projects and lessons is the most basic
way for students to put forth effort in class. Students may also improve their education by
interacting with other students, or the instructor to better understand the material covered during
lectures. I am available throughout the school day for general communication, and for individual
tutoring. If students put forth adequate effort they will be successful in this course.
Late/Missing Work
Students are able to turn in anything up to a week late, but for each day past the due date
the grade received on the assignment will drop by 10%. For each day that a student is absent they
will have an equal number of full school day to complete an assignment, before it is considered
late. This is only if the assignment was assigned while the student was absent. If a students was
present when the assignment was given to them, the assignment is due on its original due date if
students are absent on the day the day an assignment is due, they will be able to turn in the
assignment without the 10% drop, only if the absence was excused. Otherwise, the assignment is
late and will be marked down by 10%

If a student is going to be absent it is important that the student/their guardian contact the
school attendance office before the school day begins, this will help students to avoid late work.
See school policy for excused/unexcused absences for more information.
Require material

Spiral notepad/ Electronic notepad
Pen and pencil
Calculators are not required but may come in handy for major assignments.

Grade Scale
A = 90% - 100%
B = 80% - 89%
C = 70% - 79%
D = 60% - 69%
F = 59% or below
Your performance will be assessed in many ways. You will have projects, class
discussions, presentations, trials, seminars, exams, quizzes, homework, essays, research projects
and/or other authentic assessments. At any time, you or your parents/guardians can check your
grades. Please, allow at least two weeks for major projects or assignments to be posted. Students
and parents will be able to check grades at home or at school.