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John Pruitt

Prof. Robinson
CNS 220
23 March 2016
Career Genogram
Even though not that many people in my family have had the opportunity to receive a
college level education, most of them seem to find themselves employed in some capacity. Many
of my relatives have a history of employment, which involves them working with others, taking
advantage of their own creativity, and engaging in work that could help provide for the familys
more immediate needs. On a more personal note, I feel more fortunate to be among the few in
my family to have the opportunity to go to college, to have a major, and to explore my passions.
I see familiar motifs, like artistic expression, interpersonal services, family values, responsibility,
and the ability, or desire, to delegate.
I can offer evidence of strong value being placed on family, due dedications to family
members by naming their children after them. My mother named me after my maternal
grandmothers father, Johannes Alsdorf, and my older brother, Samuel, was named after my
maternal grandfather, Samuel Reidda. My dad also shares the same name as his father. If I were
to ever have a daughter, I have always wanted to name her after my mother, Kathy, so I can see
how that value may have found its way into my personal beliefs.
I can infer that my relatives and I share the desire to express ourselves through artistic
expression. Both my father and his brother enjoyed playing the guitar, which is actually the same
guitar. Both of my parents liked to draw when they were younger, and Ive seen their handiwork
on occasions. My moms oldest sister, Mickey, likes to write like I do too; she also like to knit

and crochet. Even my maternal grandfather expressed himself through carpentry, and I just
recently took an interest in taking the sculpture class offered here at Wake Forest. I still carry my
sketch books with me wherever I go, and just taking the time to draw, sketch, and create gives
me a sense of liberation and joy.
As for interpersonal services, I can find a couple relatives who have worked in fields that
help illustrate our value in helping others, or simply interacting with others socially. Both of my
grandmothers worked in areas that required heavy social interaction. Mary Cleckley worked in
sales, and Mary Reidda worked with patients and nurses. My fathers brother and aunt worked
for a telephone company, which promotes a sense of communication, though I am unsure what
they did there. My aunt, Sandra, worked for Johnson and Johnson in HR, which indicates that
she worked with other employees and addressed issues when they were brought up to her. My
older brother, Samuel, majored in Psychology, which surrounds itself with the fascination of
human behavior. The most I can relate to my relatives here is through my actions; I listen to my
friends when they have issues, I work well with customers at the Bridge in the ZSR library, and I
also find human behavior to be an interesting subject.
I personally have an overwhelming sense of responsibility that I owe to myself, my work,
and to my friends and family. I noticed that my paternal grandmother helped her husband get a
degree in electrical engineering by working as a salesperson. I dont know the context fully, but
this action proves to me that my forebears held onto a sense of responsibility directed toward our
familys wellbeing. My own mother started a business for my immediate familys sake, and she
took on other jobs in order to make enough money to help raise and sustain her family. I see her
as the living embodiment of sacrifice, which indicates a strong sense of responsibility to me. My
father served in the US Navy, which provides a sense of obligation for ones country as well as

ones comrades beside him. I like to think I take charge of a lot things in my own life that
provide me with a sense of responsibility, like my role as the chief correspondent of my
fraternity or as the house manager.
I can also see the desire to be in charge of things running in the family. My mothers
sister, Mary, seems to enjoy being in a position of authority and being able to decisively delegate
people around a work space. She worked in a management position at a chiropractors office,
and, since she moved to Mane, she was able to become a manager at a dentist office. My paternal
grandfather was the VP of Western Union, which I found to be very interesting, especially
because he went to college for a degree in electrical engineering. My own mother decided to take
her career into her own hands, and to work as her own business operator. The only thing I come
close to in regards to delegating is having the courage to run for the presidency of my fraternity,
expressing a desire to lead, and being able to coordinate others when it comes to performing
party setups and deep cleanings. I also have a fondness for strategy games, so that helps too.