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Alexis FInch

Dr. Good
ELED 3223-090
IMB Lesson Plan
Grade Level/Subject: 5th Grade/Social Studies

Topic: Women in the Civil War

5.H.1 Analyze the chronology key events in the United States.

NCES/CCSS Standard and

Revised Blooms Level of

Thinking/Type of Knowledge
Behavioral Objective
Objective Rationale
Prerequisite Knowledge and
Key Terms and Vocabulary

5.H.1.3 Analyze the impact of major conflicts, battles and wars on the
development of our nation through Reconstruction.
The revised Blooms Level of Thinking that will be addressed in this
lesson is Remembering (Recall or retrieve previous learned information)
and Understanding (Comprehending the meaning, translation,
interpolation, and interpretation of instructions and problems).
Students will be able to recall information from lesson to complete online
class review.
This lesson was taught to help integrate Womens History Month into the
Civil War curriculum/pacing guide that is currently being covered in the
5th grade.
Students should have background knowledge of the Civil War and key
facts about the war.
Key terms and vocabulary that will be covered during this lesson is Civil
War, Womens History Month, Dilemma, Regiments, Regulation, Cavalry,
Infantry, and Artillery.
Content and Strategies


Objective as Stated for

Teacher Input

Today we will be learning about the roles of women during the Civil War
and by the end of the lesson you will be able to complete the online class
review using Kahoot!
The teacher will present the information as a
PowerPoint presentation for the students.
The information that will be included into the
PowerPoint presentation is background information
about women and their roles during the Civil War and a
copy of Dilemma 01 (Mary Overall) card and reading
for the students to read and follow along with the
teacher. All other dilemmas will be also on the

Guided Practice

After the presentation, the teacher will demonstrate

how to complete a dilemma card and small group
discussion. After reading the first dilemma, allow
students enough time to write a short paragraph of their
opinion and ideas.

Dilemma Cards
and Assigned

Students will work in groups to complete their assigned dilemma cards.

Before beginning, the teacher should explain that this activity will require
decision making about some difficult situations that actually happened
during the Civil War. It is not the intent of the activity to prescribe any
right or wrong answers, but to provide an opportunity for students to
express, clarify and take responsibility for their own reasoning. It is not
necessary for the students to reach a consensus, as there are many
legitimate actions for each situation.
Independent Practice
Students will work in their table groups. One table group will need to
disperse to another table group for guided practice (5 groups total). All
students are required to share their input with the class. However, each
group will only need one spokesperson to share their opinion and ideas.


After each group express their ideas and receive feedback from other
groups, the teacher will read the corresponding reading for the dilemma.
The teacher will quickly review the lesson and explain to students that all
of the dilemmas discussed in class are real examples that women have
faced during the Civil War.
Students will participate in a Kahoot! Challenge online. The Kahoot! will
be a total of 05 questions.
The 05 questions include:
01. Which is not a controversial role that women played during the Civil
02. Women were considered "pure at heart" and responsible for which
kind of duties?
03. Choosing to participate in the war was an easy and quick decision for
women. True or False?
04. Which of these male roles were eventually viewed as expansions of
domestic duties for women?
05. Why were women were not suspected of spying and other secret


Plans for Individual



21st Century Skills

Students are expected to use their first name only for credit on the
Students with individual differences will be allowed to verbally discuss
their ideas and point of view directly to the teach if they are unable to
write the paragraph or finish in time. Students who have difficulty with
the Kahoot! online review will not be graded solely on their answers; the
teacher will factor in overall lesson participation for their evaluation grade
or the student will have the opportunity to answer the five questions in a
normal testing setting without using Kahoot!.
This lesson requires PowerPoint Presentation, student daybook, writing
utensils, Kahoot!, laptops/tablets, dilemma cards, and accompanying
The resource for this lesson is
The 21st Century Skills required of this lesson are Critical Thinking and
Problem Solving as well as Communication and Collaboration.

Global Awareness
Culturally Responsive
Overall Alignment in the Lesson:
Instructional Materials: PowerPoint Presentation | Day Book | Writing Utensil | Kahoot! | Laptops/Tablets |
Dilemma Cards and Accompanying Reading