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The Garlic Press


OCTOBER 28, 2015


Dr. Hulda Black

I. Introduction
The Garlic Press is a wholesale store with a cafe attached to the store. It is located in Normal
Illinois. The store was first opened in 1974 in Uptown Normal as a cookware specialty store.
Until 2005, they have expanded their market by providing cooking classes as well as bringing in
new partners to the business. In 2005, The Garlic Press has made a big movement by opening the
Market Cafe right next door. Cafe provides made-from-scratch dishes using fresh seasonal and
local ingredients. Although cafe is known for brunch menus, they also specialize in a variety of
baked goods, coffee, tea, and premier cheese both domestic and imported.

II. Section 1: The Creative Brief

a. Current background of the clients that we see is the older generation in town of
i. Strengths: The Garlic Press is a unique store because it not only bolsters a
cafe, but also a store that carries specialty cookware. The Garlic Press has
improved their store over the years by adding a jewelry section, fresh
coffee, and a small kitchen to host cooking classes. The Garlic Press even
features their own bridal registry that was recently featured in an article
from the Gourmet Retailer. They keep their customers informed with a
newsletter that publicizes the cooking classes, new products and events.
Currently the restaurant has cornered the Bloomington-Normal
Community but patronage from Illinois State students is sparse. This gives
Garlic Press a great opportunity to tap into this market.

ii. Weaknesses: The Garlic Press is located very close to a college campus,
but features products that are outside of a students price range. The Garlic
Press primarily caters to an older demographic. The store offers cooking
classes and bridal registry, but nothing targeted at a younger market. The
Garlic Press offers some lesser known, exotic deli foods that might only
attract a certain market. The Garlic Press may consider offering cooking
classes that are targeted towards college students. This will in turn, inform
college students of the various products that The Garlic Press offers to
help increase business.

b. Target Market:
i. The demographics of our target audience include males and females
between the ages of 18-22. There are currently 20,615 undergrad students
on campus. Of the student population roughly 59% of students are from
the Chicagoland area while 20% are from McLean and surrounding
counties. Since the majority of students are from Chicagoland Garlic Press
should look to compare their restaurant to one that is similar and popular
among people from this area. The target audience is oblivious to The
Garlic Press and its services. Most students are not thinking of this
restaurant because their hours of operation interfere with times that would
be more suitable for students. Also The Garlic Press fails to make a
connection to freshman. If freshman knew of The Garlic Press, they might
be more inclined to eat there instead of the dining centers. As for

upperclassmen that are moving out of the dorms and into apartments,
cooking becomes a necessity. Most students do not know how to cook and
The Garlic Press could teach them how. Our campaign will target
underclassmen to familiarize them with The Garlic Press and their
offerings with an emphasis on the food. We will reach out to this group of
people while they are on campus for preview along with a booth at festival
ISU. As for the upperclassmen they will be targeted as they sign leases for
their apartments. These ads will push The Garlic Presses cooking classes,
as this group is unlikely to know how to cook quality meals for themselves.
Hopefully the upperclassmen will already be familiar with The Garlic
Press because of their exposure while they were underclassmen.
c. Objective:
i. Our main objective is to promote brand recall. Since the main
demographics of the current customers are people in older age, through
this campaign, our main objective is to bring in college students into the
store. We chose this method because when we asked 100 students in
College of Business, 82 students said that they have either never heard of
the store or never been to the store. This statistic shows that roughly over
80 percent of the college students do not know about the Garlic Press.
Therefore, we have decided to set our objective to promote brand recall.
ii. Promotion of brand recall is the simplest type of advertising. The thought
behind brand recall is that if consumers remember the name of the brand,
they will feel more inclined to purchase it. The remembering of a brands

name may not always result in purchase, but it does increase the chances.
From Chapter 10 of the textbook, Although human memory is a very
complex topic, the relationship between repetition and recall has been
pretty well understood for a very long time. We know that repetition
generally increases the odds of recall. So, by repeating a brand name over
and over, the odds of recalling the brand name go up. By increasing their
brand recall, The Garlic Press could become a fixture in consumers
evoked sets, which is a small list of brands that comes to mind when
thinking of a product or service category.
d. Most important thought
i. The most important thing we want our target market to take away from
our campaign is The Garlic Press name and to promote brand recall. Our
tagline would read, The Garlic Press the store that is as individual as you.
This slogan is universal to all of our target market. The slogan invokes the
thought that there is something for everyone.
e. Mood/Tone for the campaign
i. The mood or tone of our campaign is warm and inviting.

III. Section 2: Creative Strategy & Execution

a. Our main objective is to promote brand recall. Promotion of brand recall is the
simplest type of advertising. The thought behind brand recall is that if consumers
remember the name of the brand, they will feel more inclined to purchase the
product. We chose to focus on creating a slogan or jingle to increase recalling the

brand name. The slogan, Come down to the Garlic Press, we are better than the
rest will serve as a linguistic device to help link the brand name to something
memorable. Slogans and jingles encourage repetition because they are catchy. The
properties of the slogan or jingle provide a retrieval cue for the brand name.
Also there is a human need to complete or close a verse: For our example,
when you hear Come down to the Garlic Press you will be compelled to
complete the phrase with We are better than the rest. Slogans and jingles are
hard to get out of your head, and we need to get into our target markets head.
b. Execution: The headline of a billboard is used to attract, and hold attention. We
decided that the most fitting headline for The Garlic Press was the name itself.
The headline and illustration must be coordinated with each other to send a
consistent message to the viewer. According to the text, Putting cleverness ahead
of clarity in choosing an illustration can confuse the receiver and cause the body
copy to be ignored. Because of this, we decided to use The Garlic Presss logo as
the billboards illustration. By having the stores name and logo, we will be able
to send a clear message to the consumer that will help promote brand recall of
the stores name. The point of our billboard is to get the viewer to read the body
copy, which contains The Garlic Presss slogan. The simple headline, store logo,
and slogan send a clear message to the viewer. An ad must make sense, and even
if the viewer doesnt read the body copy, they will still have encountered the
stores name and logo. According to the text, Times New Roman is the most
legible font used for the body copy, so we decided to use the font throughout our

billboard. The use of Times New Roman is also consistent with The Garlic
Presss logo.
According to the text, a print ad should have balance, proportion, order, and a
unifying force. We decided to keep the print ad consistent with the billboard ad.
The headline in both ads are the same, the only difference is that the body copy in
the billboard becomes the sub-head in the print ad. The print ad contains a
different body copy because the viewer has more time to read a print ad than a
billboard. The billboards body copy was short, but it provides a good message
because its the stores slogan. The body copy in the print ad provides information
about the store, and is meant to create interest in The Garlic Press. The illustration
used in the print ad is different from the billboard because the viewer of the print
ad will have more available time. We went with an image of the store itself to
provide the audience what the experience is like inside The Garlic Press. Both the
print ad, and billboard contain the stores name, logo, slogan, and address. The
consistency of our ads will help promote brand recall.
IV. Conclusion
a. The Garlic Press has cornered the Bloomington-Normal Community but
patronage from Illinois State students is sparse. The current demographics of The
Garlic Press clients are older people in the town of Normal. Most are between the
ages of 40 to 80. The store is packed during brunch and lunch time with this older
demographic. Our objective is to have more Illinois State Students patronizing
The Garlic Press along with recalling the restaurant's name. This will be done
with billboard advertising, television commercials, and social media. The goal of

these advertisements will be to push the slogan Come down to The Garlic Press
we are better than the rest. In turn the slogan will stick in our target markets head
and bring more students to the restaurant.