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Ancient Greece

Ms. Tiffany Baysden

The First Greek Inhabitants

Inhabited for 40,000 years
The first Greek civilization was on the
island of Crete.
The Mycenaean Civilization was
located on Mainland Greece.

Homer was an extremely important
Greek writer.
Homer wrote the Odyssey and the
The Odyssey and the Iliad described
the Mycenaean soldiers in the
famous battle of Troy.

The Classical Age

Began around 480 BC and lasted for
200 years.
The Greeks built temples, made
scientific discoveries, wrote plays,
and founded the first proper
One temple is called the Parthenon,
which honors the Greek goddess

Greek City States

Athens- had the worlds first
Olympia- held the Olympics every
four years
Sparta- led 300 Spartans against the
Persians in the battle of
Each City State had its own laws,
government and army.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great ruled in 300 BC.
Alexander was a Macedonian who
conquered and controlled all of
Over 70 cities spanning 3 continents
were created by Alexander the Great.

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