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Mindfulness Mindfulness attitudes: Definition iviaruihess is paying attention on Bulgin, e Patience in the present, and non-judgementally, to e » Nurturing trust the unfolding of experience moment by — @ » Non-striving » Acceptance @e @ » Letting go moment —Jon Kabat-Zinn. ‘What occupies your attention? » The present moment » Zoning out » Distractions and “multi-tasking’ » Thinking about the future e @ sbiThtnklhg absout theipast a) » Settle into a comfortable, balanced sitting position » Keep your spine erect » Gently close your eyes » As the breath passes in and out of the body, bring your awareness e e e to the changing sensations at your abdomen, Maintain this aware- ness throughout each breath from one breath to the next » Allow the breath simply to breath, without trying to change or con- trol it Just noticing the sensations that ge with every moment e » As soon as you notice your mind wandering, bring your awareness gently back to the movement of the abdomen » Be patient with yourself e > Open your eyes anc! notice your awareness and focus e