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Instructional Lesson
Classroom: Ms. K
Grade: 4th
Curriculum Area: Social

Observer: Kristen Pashkof

Date: 3/23/16
Time: 1:34pm- 2:15

What I notice

Ms. K asked them to take

out their Social Studies
daybook and research how
many lighthouses are on
the coast of North Carolina.
She asked students to list
the names.
One student came up
claiming he was all finished.
She looked it over and told
them there are 10 and
encouraged him to keep
looking for the rest.
Students were working on
diferent things. Some
students were finishing
their wordly-wise quiz,
others finishing a social
studies sheet. Students that
were finished were
researching lighthouses.
When students were

Thoughts, Questions,
Connections to
Methods Classes
implementation of
Why are they
researching this?
Where is Ms. K going
with this lesson?
Ms. K knew the
answer to her
question before
having them figure it
This is a great
example of
diferentiation. Some
students were ahead
were assigned a new
task. Other students
had a chance to

finished, they would

individually come up and
have Ms. K check them
Introduction to a project
they were going to do about
lighthouses (after spring
She handed the class the
rubric that will be used to
grade their lighthouse
project. They wrote their
name on the sheet and
what the made for the
previous project (that was
due today).
Each student had a project
to complete at home where
they built a structure using
natural materials (rocks,
dirt, sticks)
The structure has to be
from a region in NC they
learned about.
They also had to say who
lived there as well as the
time period.
Explained to the students
how they have learned
about North Carolinas past
and now they will be
moving to present day
North Carolina and its

catch up before
starting the new

This gives a small

introduction into
their next social
studies project.
She tied it into their
previous project.
They learn most
social studies
lessons by doing
The students
knowledge of the
regions is evident.
They seem to have
a good
understanding of
time periods in
history and what
structures from that
time period may
look like.

Ms. K told me where the Making connection

science lessons would be
between the past
moving to in the future.
and present day
They integrate science
North Carolina in
and social studies.
Students are responsible
for creating a model of a
lighthouse in North
Carolina (social studies).
To integrate science, the
students will have to
create a circuit to light
their lighthouse