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To: Inez Anders

From: Kiley Schuerman

Date: March 3, 2016
Subject: Request for performance appraisal of Kyle Houston
After supervising Kyle for the past six months and reviewing the recent team
evaluations completed by 15 of Kyles peers, there are a few areas of improvement
that I would like to see him develop as a leader. Anders Consulting values group
leadership skills and bases promotion decisions off of performance appraisal data,
and in that regards Kyle still needs to grow as a leader before he is ready to take on
a role of team leader.
Kyles overall evaluation score was a 2.42 out of a possible 3, and the most frequent
rating used by his peers was a 2. This rating is just above average and means that
Kyle has areas to improve in to become a well-rounded leader. Here is a breakdown
of the scores from Kyles evaluation:

Group contribution is Kyles strongest skill as he scored a 2.83 and received

nothing lower than a 2 from all of his peers in this category. Kyle frequently
offers his ideas and suggestions at meetings. He has maintained perfect
attendance to all team meetings, and his peers see him as being
dependable. I also find this to be Kyles best asset as I can rely on him to
meet any deadline that I set for him.

A major area of improvement for Kyle is his listening ability, under this
category he scored below average with a 1.96 and received a score of 0 from
one of his coworkers. Gaining respect as a team leader will require Kyle to
listen and be open to others ideas. In the past, it has been difficult for Kyle to
accept his peers input and I have witnessed him force his opinions on the
rest of the group.

The final category was facilitating group problem solving where Kyles peers
rated him as a 2.18, and he again received a score of 0. Although Kyle has a
tremendous ability of developing alternative solutions and communicating his
ideas, he struggles with selecting the right solution. Just last month I saw Kyle
select the incorrect solution to a group problem, and it resulted in a setback
for the team. Improving his ability to analyze alternative solutions is critical
for Kyle to eventually become a team leader.

I assure you that the next time this position is open that Kyle will be a more
developed leader and suitable candidate for this position. I will be meeting with Kyle
to discuss his areas of improvement and together we will develop a plan for him to
grow as a team member and prepare him to take on a future team leader position.

Kiley Schuerman
Anders Consulting Team Leader