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This is my 5 kanji sentences from kanji

packets #7 and #8. This was a special one as

Mori Sensei required us to write a whole
story with. In the past, blowing out 5 random
sentences was easy, but this assignment
actually forced me to think about each kanji
in context, so I could choose where to fit it in
the best. I wrote about a king, who had a dog
that liked balls. The king ate many aspects of
nature such as grass, flowers, and rocks. This
kanji assignment was a very good change as
it taught me to think critically about each
kanjis specific use in an authentic Japanese
piece of writing. Im sure that in the future
we will read more and more kanji in
sentences, and writing kanji sentences with a
story theme will no doubt help our reading
and comprehension. Not only is the meaning
of each kanji important, but also the parts of
speech and specific use of each kanji cannot
be ignored. I am very happy with this
assignment as I felt I became more familiar
with the usage of kanji in sentences and
authentic Japanese text.