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How does your media

product represent particular

social groups to your

By Jaimie Hart

Aayushi Oza: Possessed girl

In our film, we presented her as the antagonist,

which meant that she needed to appear as creepy
and evil to the audience. We did this through the
use of mise-en-scene. Her makeup made her look
withered and dangerous, which made it clear to the
audience that she was the antagonist.
With her character we tried to recreate the girl from
The Ring as she was a successful antagonist,
because she could evoke fear from the audience.
Her character is similar to that of the antagonist of
The Ring, due to the way they both terrorise the
characters of the film. This therefore makes the
social group appear to be dangerous and creates
an enigma about their origins. She is a countertype
of how woman are typically presented in a horror
film, as she is feared and dominant.
She is presented negatively in our opening
sequence as she attacks the two main characters
and evokes fear from the characters and the

Esha Jeer: Abbey

Esha was used as one of the main characters for our

film. She was presented in a positive light as the
audience was meant to connect with her and feel
sympathy for her. Her attitude was typical of that of a
teenage girl, which made her character easy to relate
As well as this, she followed the convention of a horror
film by following the antagonist, which makes the
audience follow her characters journey and consider
what theyd do in that situation. She fits the stereotype
of a young girl, as she follows our antagonist, therefore
she is a typical inquisitive child.
Abbeys character is a stereotypical female, as she is
presented as nave. We see this when she blindly
follows the antagonist, without a second thought with
regards to her safety; which is the typical ideology of a
girl in a horror film.

Manmeet Singh: Samantha

Manmeet was another one of our main

characters, however she wasnt in the
majority of the opening sequence. She is
presented as stereotypical working woman,
as she appears to be stressed out from work,
which some of the audience can probably
relate to due to their own lives.

Shes not presented in a particular way, due

to the limited amount of time that she was in
the sequence, however, the audience may be
fearful for her at the end, as they see what
happens to her sister.