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Friedrich: A Literary

By: Karim Alhamwi, Talia Berger-White,
Amanda Biggs and Maya Cooper

Friedrich's apartment is a really bold and unique place to live in.
Through broken doors, old stairs, mezuzahs, and Shabbos candles the
Schneiders call this place home. Friedrich was Jewish, in the Holocaust,
in Germany.

The historical events have affected Friedrich a great deal.

Throughout the entire book, bad and worse things keep happening to
Friedrich. He gets kicked out of the movie theater; he has to break up
with Helga, his girlfriend and in the end of all this pain he gets
assassinated in the middle of a bomb raid because he wasn't allowed to
go into the bomb raid shelter.

Friedrich is a brown eyed, brown hair, Jewish 15 year old young man.
Friedrich is shy. We chose this trait for Friedrich because he doesn't
have many friends, he only has Hans. Not only that, but he always
keeps his head down and thinks he shouldn't trust anyone but him, his
family, and the Richters. In the beginning of the book, he was a very
bright and outgoing little boy, but since the war started, he has changed

The conflict was Friedrich Schneider, a Jew, and Hans Peter Richter, a
Christian, became friends forever, but over about 10 years Jews become
more and more illegal, until it seems Hans or Friedrich would be sent away
to their death. Another conflict is that Friedrich has to live in hiding for many
years. This causes Friedrich to not live a normal childhood.

After all of Friedrichs suffering, he was assassinated. Friedrichs mother had
died and his father was deported. His Catholic best friends dad joined the Nazi
Party all when he was 15 years old. It was not a very good childhood. Many
people may say that Friedrich dying is not a solution but we disagree. We think
that it is. What if Friedrich had to go to a death camp and was worked to death?
We think that it is good that he had died before the Holocaust got worse.

We loved the that Friedrich was so honest and nice throughout the book.
Friedrich and Hans had a very close relationship. We loved how close they
were and it was so heartbreaking that they had to be split up, but it was
educational for the purposes of the holocaust.
We would like to ask Hans Peter Richter these few questions: How do you
feel about your parents joining the Nazi party? Do you know what
happened to Helga? Do you think it is good that Friedrich died that way?