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Mission Statement

To personally deliver services that

make a difference in the lives of
others through the lens of
occupational therapy.

Logo and explanation

The ideas behind my logo are quite simple and related to my personality. The logo shown above is a
heart; one half solid and one half with molecular networking connections. The solid half represents my
ability to emphasize with others and be consistent in
my work and familial connections. The more lucid
intertwining side made up of network connections is
my more innovative side. It represents my ability to
work with others, provide my input and express my
abilities as a future connection with others including
the interdisciplinary team.

Brand Explanation
Through my mission statement, logo explanation, and
5 strengths my brand represents me in a futuristic way
when I am a licensed and certified occupational
therapist. My personality, morals, and values all
make up who I am but my brand is a signifier of who I
want to be with all of those qualities in mind. My
strengths, areas of opportunity and mission to represent who I would like to be as an occupational therapist all make up my brand.

5 Strengths (Rath, 2007)

Empathy helps me to connect with

my patients and be understanding
of their situation.
Intellection is my way of seeking
out opportunities for clinical education and furthering my knowledge
to help my patients and about the
world around me.
Input is also a component of my
thirst for knowledge. In this, I believe
I will go the extra mile to help my
Discipline is my understanding of
routine and independence. Discipline will help create motivation on
my behalf and those that I work
Consistency helps me to grow in my
leadership by continuing to seek
out new opportunities and adhere
to my ethics as a professional.

Trait Leadership Theory: Behavior Leadership Approach Analysis

I believe as a representation of my brand and myself, that the traditional behavior leadership
approach defines me best (Otty, 2016). The approach focuses on the leader and how he or
she acts to complete tasks. As a leader, I consider myself to be someone who considers both
the relationship to the colleague, patient, or another to be just as important as completing the
task at hand. This leadership style overall allows me to stay consistent within my strengths and
learn how to grow from my areas of opportunity.

Leadership Artifacts

During the third semester of my master program myself and a few other students from
my occupational therapy class attended the
American Occupational Therapy Associations annual conference. I believe that this
leadership opportunity fits well within my
strengths as a person and within my future
scope of practice by taking initiative to learn
and grow within my profession. This was a
very exciting opportunity that allowed me to
bond with my peers educationally, and explore the seemingly endless opportunities
that occupational therapy has to offer as a

During my fourth semester at Touro University Nevada, I assisted with the AOTA
Fieldwork Educators Certification Course.
There we attended to the needs of therapists by setting up the event, greeting and
assisting the guests. This course was designed as a CEU to better educate occupational therapists on how to educate incoming students into the profession. This
demonstrated my willingness to work
within my school community and towards
helping others further their clinical education.

Leadership Plan
1 year goal: Within my first year of practice, I will obtain a position within the field of occupational therapy and work diligently to learn the specialties that facility works with by attending
events held by the facility and encouraging occupation based informational sessions for the
interdisciplinary team.
5 year goal: In my 5th year of being an occupational therapist, I would like to take on level II
fieldwork students to encourage growth in my own skills, challenge my patterns as an occupational therapist, and help the next generation of occupational enter the field.
10 year goal: By my 10th year of practicing as an occupational therapist, I would like to have
opened or started my own business within the field of home health.

Otty, R. (2016). Lecture on Trait versus Process Leadership Theories. Personal Collection of
Touro University of Nevada, Henderson, NV.
Rath, T. (2007). Strengths finder 2.0. New York: Gallup Press.