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3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The publishing aspect of a media product is very important as it allows films,

magazines and music etc to be distributed to the public. There are many
distribution companies which could publish my magazine. These companies
include Meredith, Bauer Publishing, ICP Media and many more. Time Inc.UK,
formerly known as ICP Media, is a consumer magazine and digital publisher in
the United Kingdom. It has published many magazines resulting in a large
portfolio selling over 350 million copies a year. ICP Media own and publish
magazines including NME, which is a very successful music magazine. NOW is a
popular womans weekly magazine which is also very successful. The money for
production and publishing of the SOLO magazine would come from advertising
and promotion. ICP would be an appropriate company to publish my magazine.
The company itself is very successful which indicates that they would be
successful in publishing my magazine. ICP Media has already published
magazines with the same target audience as mine (NME), therefore it already
caters for my genre of media product. I could rely on them to get SOLO the
correct amount of publicity and attention that it would need to be the successful
magazine which I would desire it to be. I would put them as my first choice of
company to publish my magazine due to the success and experiences which it

Bauer Publishing is another company which could publish my magazine. Bauer

Media is a division in Bauer Media Group (Europe's largest privately owned
publishing group). The group offers over 300 magazines in over 15 countries,
showing the companys success. It is a multi-platform UK-based media Group
collected around two main divisions Magazines and Radio. Q magazine is just
one example of a magazine published by Bauer. This shows the high level of
magazines which they publish. Due to this, Bauer would be a good company to
publish SOLO. I would be able to rely on the company to gain publicity for my
magazine and to attract my target audience.