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Evaluation Activity 3

What kind of media institution might distribute

your product?

What does your production company do?

A production company is very important for the making of a film.
They are accountable for appointing particular roles, which are
needed in process of the film and distribution. These include the
director as without the right director everything else wont be
ordered and get done in the right way. The production company also
organises the budget, the script, the cast and the scheduling.
Order of opening credits
Typically, the credits shown at the start of a film are the main
credits. They go in the order:
Produced by
Music by
Screenplay by
Alongside those opening credits the main characters names appear
or are displayed during the opening shots of the film.
The distributor of a film is mostly the main company responsible for
marketing and advertising. This is important for post-production as
it promotes the film and expands in publicity making more people
be aware that the film is near to coming out. The distributor
focusing on distributing the copies of the film. They decide how
many copies of the film should be made to be given to various
buyers. For example cinema companies and owners. The
distributors of the film are essential as without them the film wont
be able to be shown in a variety of places. For large companies the
distributor can be used to flood the market with their film through
the use of blanket release.

Distribution of my film
To distribute my film I will need a company based near the
production (UK) that are willing to distribute lower budget thriller
films. An example of Production companies like mine is Film 4 as
they constantly distribute lower budget films that are successful.
Film 4 would be good for my movie as they have in the past
produced/distributed and backs low budget horror films and series.
They are also a very well known independent British company which
makes them ideal to distribute my film as it may reach a wider
audience if they are in the distribution of my film Some examples,
which they have created, are Rear Window directed by Alfred
Hitchcock and The Usual Suspects. These films are both fairly low
budget and became successful so this is why film 4 would be a good
company to distribute my film. They are based in the UK, work
frequently with low budget films and have good experience in the
thriller genre.
My film will probably only have the opportunities to be distributed
around the country (nationally) because we have to stick to a tight
budget. Film 4 is a well-established meaning they can cross media
promote on other UK networks like E4 and Channel 4. E4 focuses on
attracting and advertising to young adults and teenagers making it
a good way of getting my film wider coverage. They are well known
for collaborating with large US companies such as Fox Searchlights
to distribute smaller films on a global/ national level like for
Slumdog Millionaire. My film is low budget so it may be hard to get
the funding for it to be distributed to a cinema so we would consider
showing it first on TV or on the Channel4/ Film 4 website online as
this will save a lot of money as it wont have to be distributed as

Working Title
Working Title is another independent production company, which
have directed thriller films like Closed Circuit directed by John
Crowley. They mainly focus on British films but expand to releasing

there film in different countries for extra publicity. For example

Closed Circuit was distributed and shown in South Korea in 2014.

Examples of production companies, which would not be good to

distribute my
film, would be ones, which focus mainly on high budget film and not
located in the UK. However if my film got a lot of publicity and good
review this may attract other companies/ distributors in different
countries allowing my film being shown nationally. These are some