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McKayla Lee

Proposal: Native American Youth Leadership Program

A place for middle and high school youth to meet.
Needs and Opportunities
Two years ago when I moved to Durango I searched for a club that would make me feel like I
belonged. I have still yet to find that club, but with the help of my peers and teachers I plan
to develop a program that will give all native youth a place to feel the acceptance that I had
once yearned for.

Audience / Clients / Users

The club will be open to the high school and middle school youth in Durango area.

What is your monthly timeline for this project. I want to see a list of deliverables with
deadlines. You may find that the timeline needs adjustment during the course of the project,
which may be fine. Check in with me if thats the case.
March 4 Deliverables

Joined Lilahs project.

March 11 Deliverables

Left Lilahs project

Started my own project
Have my proposal done
Meet with the director & coordinator of the NAC,(FLC &
Get a mentor

March 18 Deliverables

Start making flyers for NAYLP

Meet with Boys & Girls club director Bruce LeClaire

March 25 Deliverables

Have a solid venue for first NAYLP meeting

Gather content of what I want at the meeting

April 8 Deliverables

Have posters put up around Durango (maybe Ignacio)

Meet with students at AHS to get input
Start a website for NAYLP

The product will be the first meeting of the Native American Youth Leadership Program. I will
present this to the class in a reflection based way. I want to share what students thought
about the first meeting and I want to share some of the experiences I had while researching, I
want to be as honest as possible about the way this program came about.

Reality Check
I am looking for moonshots here, but even moonshots need budgets. What equipment are
you going to need? What other capital expenditures do you anticipate, and how will you
meet them?
I will need a venue, which is where costs would depend on where I have the meeting. I need
some money for poster making, the cost of these will depend on how many posters I will
need, what type of posters, and where I get the posters made. I anticipate that getting this
program up and started will be difficult because nothing like this exist for native youth in
middle and high school.

Wrap it up. Why are you fired up about this project? Inspire us to support you, and give us a
great reason to approve your project.
I am fired up about this project because this program will encourage native youth to gather
and use each other to feel acceptance. Nothing like this exist in durango other than the
Native American Center at Fort Lewis for college students, and my program will include all
native youth in middle and high school.