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State of North Carolina PAT McCRORY GOVERNOR /ALTH MONTH Pubic 2016 ‘BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, A PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, public heath measures to contol and elinnat infertious dieses, improve envimenta ition and promote healthy espe practices have ben the retest cause of improved health satura increased ie expectancy for "Noah Carotia's residents, such that Nort Carolinians tavean average ie expectancy abi of mare thin 78 yer end WHEREAS, pablichea plays crcl rol in eliminating heath inequities ond preventing onic diseases snd injures, resulting in improved productivity and decreased heath care cost foal Nort Calinins od WHEREAS, continued focus on promoting public health programs that provide accesible, high-aiy mol care and that promote heli lifestyles for women of eildbearing years bs faule in 17 percent detine infant morality since ‘2000; an WHEREAS, a conned focus on prevention has reslod in 40 percent decline in age-ajted her disease death rates since 2000, 4S percent deci ia ago adjusted stroke death rates since 2000, anda $6 prcet denen bith ats for teens (ages 15-19) singe 7000; and WHEREAS, te Sisto of Now Caron is commited to a cotincd emphasis on prevention in public health and on ‘npn Now Caron each a beter state of health trough actions oulined in he Healiny North Caroli 2020 Objectives, sod WIEREAS, tie Healthy Non Carolina 2020 heath objectives represen 10-year pla 10 imyove the heh ofall ‘Nom Carolinians by weriag to promote soz to preventive and neoded health service; fester positive and supportive living nd working conditions in our cotnmuniies; abd support individuals in developing the capacities and silo aclene healthy living and WIEREAS, communities, employes, hospital and heal cate providers, ndvidals and fis, insacers, legislators and policy maker, schools and eld care cles must work together to deny and develop innovative solutions ‘oheals problems facing the people of Nock Carling, NOW, THEREFORE, I, PAT McCRORY, Governor ofthe Stat of North Crain, do herby rotlain April 2016, {ss “PUBLIC HEALTH MONTH ia North Carolina, nd command its cbscrvance tl ze, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ihave hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Sel ofthe State of North Curling at ‘he Capitol in Raleigh tis ist day of March in th year of our Lord two thousand and sxe, and ofthe Independence of te United States of America te two hundred and fortieth, PAT McCRORY Governor