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Days of Thunder X, BBQ Competition

Local Competition Rules & Regulations

The Days of Thunder X BBQ competition is a South Carolina
Barbeque Association (SCBA) judged event and will adhere to
SCBA contest rules & guidelines, along with local competition
rules & regulations. An SCBA Marshal, along with an event
Competition Coordinator will be on-site and will be responsible for
the interpretation of and ruling upon all competition-related
issues. Decisions made by the SCBA Marshal and/or Competition
Coordinator are final. Please review the following rules and
Cook Team: A cook team can be comprised of a chief cook and
up to three additional assistants. The chief cook and/or assistants
cannot enter more than one cook team.
Registration and Set Up: Teams must check in upon arrival to
have a cook sight assigned. The event location address is 190
Pontiac Business Center Dr. Columbia, SC 29045. Teams can arrive
to setup between 9am and 4pm on Friday. Early setup cannot be
accommodated due to other related event activities. Once setup
is complete, team vehicles are required to be removed from the
cook area.
Cook Site: Each team will be assigned a cook site measuring a
minimum of 20 ft. x 20 ft. in size. All equipment, including cooker,
canopy, trailers and all other team belongings must be contained
within that space. No two-story structures will be allowed. No
expansion beyond the allotted area will be allowed. Protected
area will be provided for vehicles and trailers used to transport
cookers and equipment to and from event.
Equipment and Supplies: Each team must supply all of the
equipment and cooking supplies necessary for preparation and
cooking of its entries, including a cooker, wood charcoal. Gas or
wood chips/pellets. A drip barrier/pan under to cooker to catch
grease is required for all cookers. No team may share a cooker or

grill with another team. All canopies must be staked down (if on
grass) or each leg must be weighted down with 50 lbs. of weight.

DHEC and/or Fire Marshal Requirements: Teams are

responsible for keeping their area and crew clean, orderly and in
compliance with the regulations set forth by the South Carolina
Department of Health. All team sites must be clean and ready for
Health Department inspection at 4pm on Friday. Food service
gloves, meat thermometer and minimum 5-gallon free-flowing
hand washing station with soap and paper towels must be
available on your site. Each site should have a #10 fire
extinguisher. Open flame cookers cannot be located under
canopy. All food must be prep and serve under cover. Pets/live
animals are not allowed.
Meat Inspection: All meats will be USDA inspected and passed.
DHEC may inspect each teams site, cooker and meat. All cook
teams are responsible for refrigeration of all uncooked meat
maintaining a maximum temperature of 40 F prior to cooking. All
cooked meat must be maintained at a minimum temperature of
140F after cooking.
Cooked Onsite: Once the meat is distributed to the teams, it
may not leave the contest site. All preparations and cooking of
meat is to be done within the confines of the teams assigned
cooking space. All meat used for judging must be cooked on site
and supplied by the event sponsor, with the exception of pork
ribs, if applicable. With the exception of pork ribs, not competition
meat shall be brought from outside by a team for any reason. This
rule will be sticky enforced with disqualification for violation.
Approved Cookers: Any mobile cooker, homemade or
commercially manufactured, which fits within the confines of the
cook site will be allowed to compete. No site built pits (masonry,
wood, etc.) are allowed.

Cooking Fuels: Approved cooking fuels are wood, charcoal,

propane, butane gas, electricity or any combination of these fuels
listed. No burn barrels or making of charcoal will be allowed.
Cooks Meeting: It is mandatory for all chief cooks to attend the
cooks meeting at 5:00pm on Friday.

Behavior: Each team, including members and guest, are

expected and required to exhibit proper and courteous behavior
at all times. Teams must respect the rights of others teams, those
in attendance, and event property. The chief cook will be
responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests.
Quiet time will begin at 12:00AM on Friday night and last until
7:00AM Saturday morning. Loud and disruptive behavior that is
deemed disturbing to others will not be tolerated during quiet
time. The use of amplified equipment disturbing others will not be
allowed. The cook teams chief cook will be responsible for
enforcing quiet time for their team. Failure to comply may result
in disqualification and/or expulsion from the contest and property.
Teams may not sell food or beverages to the public. Under no
circumstances are teams allowed to distribute alcoholic
beverages or other drinks to the public.
Cleanliness and Sanitation: All teams are to maintain cook
sites in an orderly, safe and clean manner. They are to use good
sanitary practices during preparation, cooking, handling and
serving processes. The use of sanitary gloves is required at all
times while handling food. Teams must prepare and/or chop the
meat under cover. Meat must be served from under cover from a
covered container. Teams are responsible for cleanup of their site
once competition has ended. Any violations shall be corrected
Pork: This category is mandatory. The pork meat category is
defined as pork, fresh and uncured.
Peoples Choice: Each person attending the event will be
given a ticket to drop off at the cooking site of their choice
for the Peoples Choice contest. The highest number of
tickets collected by the team determines the winner.

Judging: South Carolina Barbeque Association (SCBA) certified

judges will conduct Pork and Ribs judging in accordance to SCBA
Contest Rules & Guidelines, which will be explained at the
mandatory Cooks Meeting on Friday. Unmarked 9x9 undivided
styrofoam clamshell boxes will be used for judging sample turn in
and will be distributed by the organizer to each chief cook at the
cooks meeting.
Meat Turn-in Times:
BBQ Pork: 10:00am on Saturday. There will be a 20-minute
window beginning 9:50 and ending at 10:10 for the meat to
be accounted for at the judging turn-in table. Any team that
fails to have its entry submitted for judging due to failure to
meet the turn-in time will be disqualified.
BBQ for the Public: Each team will be provided one case of pork
butts to prepare for Saturday. All meat left after the blind judging
box is turned in is to be offered by the competitors in 2oz
containers for sampling to the public starting at 11:00pm and
ending at 2:00pm or until all meat is served. Disposable products
and plastic utensils will be provided to all competitors for serving.
Please take reasonable care to season and prepare these butts for
public sampling in a similar fashion as those turned in for
competition, so the public may enjoy the great taste of real
competition BBQ and know which teams meat is truly the best!
Clean Up: Ash cans will be provided. Please do not dispose of
ashes or grease in trash containers on your site. After the event,
no cookers/smokers are allowed to be left on the premises unless
prior approval has been given. In addition, it is the teams
responsibility to clean their cook sites upon completion of the
event. Please leave cook sites intact until after winners have been
announced, since the team sites are a significant part of the
appearance and appeal to the event.

Awards: Awards will be given out on Saturday afternoon at

2:30pm following the judging process and scoring.
BBQ Pork:
1 Place $2000.00
2nd Place $1000.00
3rd Place $500.00

Peoples Choice:


Pork ButtsFree Entry next year

Departure: For the safety of those in attendance, no

unauthorized vehicles will be allowed to access the event site
until after the awards ceremony on Saturday.

We appreciate your involvement with this BBQ fundraising event.

Your adherence to the above rules and regulations is required for
your participation in the event.
For questions or additional information, please contact
Garland Hudgins at 803 360-4700 or