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division such as singing, dancing, sports and it is also for rich student. Natsume
is a rich student and he categorized in business section so in the
future,definately he will be a leader as he inherited his father company. Sakura is
categorized in art division and will be an artist in the future. When the two of
them passed the crowd, people would always compliment about how they suit
each other the best. As for me, i am from ordinary family and ordinary
background. I am currently indulged in kabuki play and play just a little role.
Thats why after that abducting incident, just by looking, touching and feeling
Natsume is already enough for me. But as day passed by, i become greedy. Now
when i get his body, i am craving for his heart. I am a bad man.
Yuuki! i wake up when Natsume call me. yeah, Natsume?. Do u sees Sakura
today? OMG she look so hot in that clothes. I wish she would want to be my
girlfriend. How soft would she be in my arm. How men would no fell in love with
her. I want her so bad........ i just could not bear to see hear and look at Natsume
when he is talking about Sakura. His face are full of love and longing for her.
Just please look at me like that, Natsume. I would do anything if u just does so. I
would trade everything i own. Even give my life for it. Please love me.
I hold Natsumes hand and start kissing him. So soft and sweet. Smiling and
licking his lips vigorously as to feel the sweetness again. And as usual you would
break the kiss and just heading to my clothes and open it layer by layer. No
kissing on the body, or any parts u just start by touching my ass. No intimate and
sweet words, u just shoves it directly into my ass. No needs to prepare me first, u
treat it as if i am a woman that can produce her own nectar. At first i feel so hurt
like my insides are going to tear apart, but i keep on smiling and moving to
follow your rhythm and after about 1 hour i can feel the pleasure in friction of it.
Moving up and down of your manhood give me the pleasure that when looking at
your face which full of pleasure give me right that only i can make u feel like this.
Feel me Natsume. I love u. I love you. Yes move it like that Sakura. You are so
beautiful Sakura. I love u too Sakura. What do i hope for? Even at his peak of
pleasures, he is still thinking about Sakura. I know from the first sex we had, I am
just a substitute that could never replace Sakura. I love u Natsume, so much
and so deep. Sakura. Sakura. I . Love. U. Aarrggghh... he climax and so do i.
We collapse on Natsumes bed. He will left me at the other side of the bed. No
cuddling. No whisper of love. Only coldness and loneliness Then i hear his
breathing sound which mean, he have fall asleep. This is sex that we had for 5
years. No more and no less. I keep my eyes from crying each time. I keep my
body for trembling each time. Even each time this could break me and left me
with nothing. Because it is the only way that i could touch, feel, see and be with
him every day. And with this i could also stay closely to him. Closing my eyes,
remember about the first time he touch me. I smile. Sadly
5 years ago,, all students in special division are in uproar when Sakura was
transferred in. Every one could hurry and fighting with each other to take a

glimpse at Sakuras silhouette. She is truly beautiful. The rumour are only can be
heard by special divisions student since ordinary and special division could be
said there are no interaction at all. Until one day, when Natsume hears the
rumour, he is interested and wondering for it. He asks me to accompany him
since we are best friend. I think it just another thing that he would taken
interested and then would lost his interest like any other rumour of beautiful girls
in school. But when he take a glimpse at her, I could see an expression that i
could never see before. It struck me badly. And that time i am afraid. So scared.
Natsume...Natsume...Natsume..!!! U are not answering and your eyes just keep
looking at her and it felt like you are at entrance. Till i shake you that you
snapped and answered me back. Unpredictable answer. I am falling in love you
said while holding your chest. I am speechless that the only word i can say is
After that, every time when we meet Natsume would always talk about her and
he would always take a chance in wooing that girl. But that day after school, i
see Natsume sitting below the sakuras tree so soulless. I approach him and ask
him about his condition. For the first time, he cry. I was shocked and wipe his
tears away. He told me that he confessed to Sakura and he was rejected. Dont
know what to do. I hug him tightly as if i dont want to let him fall and i said i
love u Natsume so much, i will be with you. Never leave you. Forever. He hugs
me as if he accepts my love confession. Immediately he pull and bring me to his
house, he kisses me. Our first kiss. I let him do anything he wants to me and i
feel so happy that finally we connected both body and heart. I am so happy. But
when he yell Sakuras name at the peak then i know there are no love in or make
in love. It is just sex. I am substitute for Sakura. In Natsumes sleep, i can hear
that he said that he love Sakura so much and would never give up. What i am
hurting is not from my virgin ass tormy first time but the hurting is from my heart
and it is still hurting so much even when i squeeze my chest. But i am not crying,
i crawling to Natsume and hold him. But i would never thought that he would
push me away. I am traumatized. Not even once after that, i would try to hold
him after sex. I am scared. Sitting besides him, i make an oath, Natsume, hear
this, i love you and i would always will be. No matter what, even when u push
me, pull me scream at me and even hurts me. It will never change, my love for
you. I would always kiss your right check as proof that i still have hope. But once
i kiss your left check it means that my heart have break apart, have broken
enough and i just cant be with you anymore. The kiss on your left check can only
be done with you permission. It means the end. After that, no matter what you
do and said, my feeling will be gone as if it do not exist. And i seal it with a kiss
on your right cheek.
Natsume, u knows right that i am involved in kabuki play? This summer there is
a show, can you see it? Please. I pleaded to Natsume. I dont like kabuki play. It
is so classic and traditional. Not my thing. I know but it is interesting. Please
come. U has never seen my performances. U can also come with Sakura. Nee
After awhile he smiled. It is a great idea for having a date. Bring me 2 tickets. I
am going to watch it with Sakura. I know anything that related to Sakura, he
would always agree. My heart is hurting. I will.

My birthday is around the corner. As i always done every years, i will ask
Natsume for a date. After vigorous activity on the bad, Natsume, are you free
this weekend? Yeah, why? Lets have a date, I am gonna wait for you at the
cinemas front door. 2pm ok? Ok, lets meet there. I am happy, date with
Natsume. I can his breathing sound. have u sleep Natsume? when there are no
answer slowly i crawling to him and holding his hand, i whispered Natsume, i
beg u, please fall in love with me now because i just cant hold my heart any
longer. Its look our ending is coming nearer. Please i beg u. I just cant wait any
longer. Please. I kissed his right cheek.
Its already 5 pm, where are u Natsume? I am wearing the new clothes i buy for
this date. Where are you? Its raining, if i go now, maybe he think that i have
already go home. I am going to wait for him. Today is special day. Please just
dont make it the same as before where he left me for Sakura.
Its already 10 pm, its look like he will never come. Just go home for now. I am
buying a cake and heading to his house.
When walking to his house, i feel like i am being followed. Turning around i see 3
men are watching and smiling lusciously at me. I am scared. Running away, i call
Natsume. Natsume, help me. What? I am busy right now.hehe i can hear the
voice of Natsume and Sakura. But please, i am being ch.. ased. he turn off the
handset. I can hear the sound of shoes of that 3 man. I run again and again until
i feel that my hand is being pulled and my face was slapped. Hard. I squirm and
kicking the guy. One of the man gag my mouth and my hand and leg are being
hold tightly. My clothes are being torn one by one. The other guy are licking and
fondling my ass. Natsume please help me. I am about to get raped. So scared.
My insides are being torn. My body hurts. Natsume...Natsume...Natsume. I
chanted his name. Before i fainted, the only thing i could hear is your voice,
Yuuki, Ore wa anata o mamoiiteiru!. And the reality is you have not protect me
or even try to. I fainted.
When i wake up its already 3am, with my hurt body i try to stand and dragging it
to your house. When i look at your window i could see you are hugging and
kissing Sakura. Its look finally you have success in winning her heart. I dialled
your number. Natsume, have you ever once love me or deep inside your heart
there is a room for me? please say yes. Are u kidding me...Hmm the honest
answer is no. All my heart and feeling are just for Sakura. Now turn off. I am
busy. Who am i kidding. Its not like it is unexpected. Good night. I know it. I
have to run. Run from this misery. Run from everything. But my leg cannot
support me. On the street, i fall and cried. Cry for the first time after the incident.
Cry all my heart out. Cry until all my tears have gone. Cry and cry.
I am breaking. Today i go to meet Natsume at school. Below the sakuras tree
where i have confessed before, i ask him, Natsume, can i kiss you on ur left
cheek? This is my last wish. Can i? Natsume look puzzled but he agrees. Slowly
like a touch on skin, I kissed his left cheek and said Thank you for everything
and goodbye. By the way these tickets are for the kabuki play. Enjoy it. I hope
you have a nice time with Sakura. Without waiting for his answer, i whispered

Natsume, i love you and will always love u, but this is the end. I have to ended
this feeling since i am so tired. Please dont look for me, so i can i can
breath i look at him soullessly. i left without looking back at him.

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