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Project Idea Template

Learning Circle Group: Global Issues: Environment

Sponsoring Teacher: Tatiana Dragan
Sponsor School: Mihai Eminescu High School
City: Floreti
Country: Republic of Moldova
Name of Project: Green Ecosystems around you/ Adorn the world with
Goal Of The Project:
The purpose of my proiect is to awake responsability for the environment through our childrens actions,
simple gestures that anyone can make.This project ispires to love flowers, to care for plants protection,
motivates to create, enrich green flowery surrounding at classroom, at school, in the street, yard, country,

Type Of Writing Requested:

Power Point, video, photos
Description Of What You Are Looking For From Other Schools:
It is expected to discuss of the environmental problems around our living place, and finding simple and
efficient solutions together.
In order to make it simple and accessible, I'll use the environment around our school and city, and show
trough art expressions the simple gestures that can make a difference for our beautiful nature(planting a
flower or a tree, cleaning the space around our school.

Detailed Instructions For Collecting Information:

Present a visual aid that helps you to successfully deliver your information to the
class (tri-fold, PowerPoint, video). Your presentations may also be displayed in
various locations around our school.
Provide a handout for the other members which includes important information and
a summary of your activities and solutions to green the area in your city or round
the school.
Ideal Number Of Submissions From Each School:
Each member should have at least 3 submissions
Preferred Length Of Articles:
The articles should be informative and concise.

Deadline For Receiving Information (Suggested Circle deadline is April 18, 2016