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Statement of General Business Principles

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1.Objectives The objective of shell Pakistan Ltd is to engage efficiently ,responsibly and profitably in the oil and chemical businesses. Shell Pakistan Limited seeks a high standard of performance and aims to maintain a long-term position in its competitive environment. 2.Responsibilities Shell Pakistan Limited recognises five areas of responsibility. To Shareholders To protect shareholder's investment , and provide an acceptable return. To Customers To win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact, which are supported by the requisite technological ,environmental and commercial expertise. To employees To respect the human rights of its employees, to provide its employees with good and safe conditions of work, and good and competitive terms and conditions of service, to promote the development and best use of human talent and equal opportunity employment, and to encourage the involvement of employees in the planning and the direction of its work, and in the application of these principles within the company. It is recognised that commercial success depends on the full commitment of all employees. To those with whom it does business To seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors , suppliers and in joint ventures and to promote the application of these principles in so doing. The ability to promote these principles effectively will be an important factor in the decision to enter into or remain in such relationships. To society To conduct business as a responsible corporate member of society , to observe the laws of Pakistan,

to express support for fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business and to give proper regard to health , safety and the environment consistent with its commitment to contribute to sustainable development. These five areas of responsibility are seen an inseparable. Therefore, it is the duty of management continuously to assess the priorities and discharge its responsibilities as best it can on the basis of that assessment. Economic Principles. Profitability is essential to discharging these responsibilities and staying in business. It is a measure both of efficiency and the value that customers place on Shell products and service. It is essential to the allocation of the necessary corporate resources and to support the continuing investment required to develop and produce future energy supplies to meet consumer needs. Without profits and a strong financial foundation it would not be possible to fulfil the responsibilities outlined above. In general Shell Pakistan Limited believes that the interests of the community can be served most efficiently by the a market economy. Criteria for investment decisions are not exclusively economic in nature but also take into account social and environmental considerations and an appraisal of the security of the investment. 3.Business Integrity. Shell Pakistan Limited insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same in its relationships with all those with whom it does business. The direct or indirect offer, payment, soliciting and acceptance of bribes in any form are unacceptable practices. Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and their part in the conduct of company business . All business transactions on behalf of Shell Pakistan Limited must be reflected accurately and fairly in the accounts of the company in accordance with established procedures and be subject to audit. 4.Political Activities Of the company Shell Pakistan Limited acts in a socially responsible manner within the laws of Pakistan in pursuit of its legitimate commercial objectives. Shell Pakistan Limited does not make payments to political parties , organisations or their representatives or take any part in party politics. However, when dealing with governments, Shell Pakistan has the right and the responsibility to make its position known on any matter which effects itself , its employees , its customers , or its shareholders. It also has the right to make its position known on matter affecting the community , where it has a contribution to make . Of employees Where individuals wish to engage in activities in the community , including standing for election to public office, they will be given the opportunity to do so where this is appropriate in the light of local circumstances.

5.Health, Safety and the Environment Consistent with its commitment to contribute to sustainable development, Shell Pakistan Limited has a systematic approach to health , safety and environmental management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement. To this end Shell Pakistan Limited manages these matters as any other critical business activity, sets targets for improvement, and measures, appraises and reports performance. 6.The Community. The most important contribution that Shell Pakistan Limited can make to the social and material progress of Pakistan is in performing its basics activities as effectively as possible. In addition Shell Pakistan Limited takes a constructive interest in social matters which may not be directly related to the business. Opportunities for involvement - for example through community , educational or donations programmes - will vary depending upon the scope for useful private initiatives. 7.Competition. Shell Pakistan Limited supports free enterprise. It seeks to compete fairly and ethically and within the framework of applicable competition laws; the company will not prevent others from competing freely with it. 8.Communication. Shell Pakistan Limited recognises that in view of the importance of its activities in which it is engaged and its impact on national economies and individuals , open communication is essential . To this end, Shell Pakistan Limited has comprehensive corporate information programmes and provides full relevant information about its activities to legitimately interested parties, subject to any overriding considerations of business confidentiality and cost.

Shell History in Pakistan
Shell has an over 100 years presence in the Subcontinent.

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The Shell brand name enjoys a 100-year history in this part of the world, dating back to 1899 when Asiatic Petroleum, the far eastern marketing arm of two companies: Shell Transport Company and Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, began importing kerosene oil from Azerbaijan into the subcontinent. Even today, the legacy of the past is visible in a storage tank carrying the date - 1898. The documented history of Royal Dutch Shell plc in Indo_Pakistan subcontinent dates back to 1903 when partnership was struck between The Shell Transport & Trading Company and the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company to supply petroleum to Asia. In 1928, to enhance their distribution capabilities, the marketing interest of Royal Dutch Shell plc and the Burmah Oil Company Limited in India were merged and Burmah Shell Oil Storage & Distribution company of India was born. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the name was changed to the Burmah Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan. In 1970, when 51% of the shareholding was transferred to Pakistani investors, the name of changed to Pakistan Burmah Shell (PBS) Limited. The Shell and the Burmah Groups, retained the remaining 49% in equal propostions. In February of 1993, as economic liberalisation began to take root and the Burmah divested from PBS, Shell Petroleum stepped into raise its stake to 51%. The years 2001-2 have seen the Shell Petroleum Company successively increasing its share, with the Group now having a 76% stake in Shell Pakistan Ltd (SPL)- an expression of confidence.

Shell for Businesses

Shell prides itself on supplying your company with the quality products and customer service you have come to expect over the years. We aim to make doing business with us as smooth as possible.

Aviation Worldwide market leader in the aviation fuel supply. Shell in Pakistan has maintained a strong commitment to the aviation field. Aviation Customer Service » Aviation Vision and HSE policy » Brief History » Exploration & Production Shell exploration activities & its commitments in Pakistan. Onshore Assets » Offshore Assets »

Commercial Road Transport Every day Shell lubricants ease the heavy load of truck fleets worldwide. Transport Lubricants » Gear Box and Axle Oils » Donax - Automotive Transmission Fluids » Greases » Frequently Asked Questions » Industrial Give your industrial operation a productive boost by using Shell's quality lubricants range. Automotive » Power » Sugar »

Shell Edge The state of the art Customer Services Centre to cater for your dayto-day service needs is just a phone call away.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Find out how Shell's LPG gas can meet your commercial, industrial, agricultural,domestic needs and our financial performance.


Shell being the worldwide market leader in the aviation fuel supply, Shell Pakistan has maintained a strong commitment to the aviation field in the country.

Brief Aviation History Over the years, Shell has maintained this strong commitment to aviation. It is currently the market leader in aviation fuel supply at more airports than any other international supplier i.e. over 800 airports spanning almost 80 countries. Products & Services Shell Pakistan's Aviation sector has been serving all the major domestic & international airlines and aviators visiting major airfields of Pakistan since independence (1947).

Aviation Customer Service We accept Shell Aviation Carnet Card at all locations in Pakistan.

Shell Aviation Vision & HSE Policy Shell Aviation is a major worldwide supplier of aviation fuels and is renowned for its professional service and high quality control standards.

A Brief History of Shell Aviation

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Shell's pioneering efforts in the early 1900's to establish aviation fuel supplies at key (and often remote) airfields provided the infrastructure which was to make domestic and international civil air travel a practical possibility. Shell was therefore a natural sponsor for many pioneering aviation 'firsts'. Over the years, Shell has maintained this strong commitment to aviation. It is currently the market leader in aviation fuel supply at more airports than any other international supplier i.e. over 800 airports spanning almost 80 countries. Prominent Shell Aviation landmarks are:

1909 Louis Bleriot crosses the English Channel using Shell fuel

1919 Sir Ross Smith K.B.E. and Sir Keith Smith KB.E. fly a Vickers Vimy on the first England to Australia flight using Shell fuel. 1919 Sir John Alcock, K.B.E. and Sir Arthur Whitten Brown, K.B.E. use Shell fuel on first West to East Transatlantic flight. 1920s First operational flight of a Shell owned de Havilland Cirrus Moth. 1930s Shell produces Avgas 100/130 1940s Shell scientists assist Frank Whittle to develop the jet engine. 1950s The first ashless dispersant piston engine oils are introduced by Shell. The Shell Water Detector is also developed for testing jet fuel. 1960s Aero Shell Turbine Oil 555 is developed especially for Concorde. 1970s The first semi-synthetic multigrade oil for piston engines is introduced by Shell. 1980s Shell launches regional Aero-centres specifically tailored for business jet pilots and their passengers. 1990s Shell supply fuel for record breaking non-stop flight of a Boeing 747 from London to Australia. 1990s AeroShell Grease 33, a superior multi-purpose airframe lubricant is introduced. 2000s Shell is committed to being an innovative leader for customers in the General Aviation market of the future.

Aviation Customer Service

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The Shell Aviation Carnet Card Other Cards Accepted are as follows: Contacts for Services

The Shell Aviation Carnet Card We accept Shell Aviation Carnet Card at all locations in Pakistan. The Shell Aviation Carnet is a credit card that you can use to purchase fuel, lubricants, greases and other speciality products at airports across the world. Let us take the difficulties out of refuelling, and provide you with peace of mind.

Other Cards Accepted are as follows:

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Shell Aviation Vision and Policy on Health, Safety and the Environment
Shell Aviation Vision

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Our view of the kind of business we aspire to become, and how we would like to be seen by customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, colleagues and the communities in which we do business.

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to be our customers' supplier of first choice... always to be recognised as the clear industry leader, turning leadership into value for all to be distinctive for our aviation professionalism and worldwide perspective to be passionately enthusiastic about best practice and its global implementation to be committed to the proper management of health, safety and the environment to be a business which understands why money is made or lost and which is to be highly respected and valued by Oil Products Operating Units as a business to feel fulfilled through what we do as individuals and through the opportunity to

our stakeholders

as a fundamental part of business success prepared to make hard decisions


contribute in cross-border and cross-functional teams

management. David Weston

to be an organisation of which we can all be proud

The mission and vision were prepared by a group of employees in consultation with senior

Managing Director Shell Aviation Limited Health, Safety and the Environment Shell Aviation is committed to:

o o o o o o o o

pursue the goal of no harm to people protect the environment use material and energy efficiently to provide our products and services develop products and services consistent with these aims publicly report on our performance play a leading role in promoting best practice in the aviation business manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity promote a culture in which all Shell Aviation employees share this

commitment In this way we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large, to be a good neighbour and to contribute to sustainable development. Our HSE policy is:


to have a systematic approach to HSE management designed to ensure compliance

with Shell Group practice or the law, whichever is more stringent, and to achieve continuous performance improvement

o o o o

to set targets for improvement and measure, appraise and report performance require contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy require joint ventures under our operational control to apply this policy use our influence to promote this policy in other ventures not under our direct


include HSE performance in the appraisal of staff and reward accordingly

Products & Services

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It is the flight of our customers that ensures the continuation of Shell Aviation. Our customers dictate all that we do because our success is directly related to the partnerships we develop with them. We have been serving all the major domestic & international airlines and aviators visiting major airfields of Pakistan since independence (1947). It is with this perspective that Shell has taken significant initiatives in the aviation fuelling industry in Pakistan. One of the main developments in infrastructure was the completion of the Jet A1 pipeline from Chaklala depot to the Islamabad Airport. This has improved safety standards and provided an uninterrupted supply to all Shell customers. The installation of Astranova, an Aviation specific IT system, in Islamabad and Karachi has resulted in 90% of aviation deliveries being handled electronically. Product portfolio

Shell aviation products can be classified into 4 groups: 1. Aviation gasoline: for use in reciprocating or piston engines (Avgas 100 LL) 2. Aviation turbine fuels: for use in turbo fan, turbo jet and turbo prop engines (Jet A1) 3. Power boost fluids: low volume specialist fuels (Methmix and Demin Water) 4. Aero Shell Lubricants

Exploration and Production in Pakistan

Shell has been active in exploration and production (E&P) activities in Pakistan since 1994 in onshore and offshore areas of Pakistan. Shell's offshore interests are managed and operated by Shell Development & Offshore Pakistan B.V. Its onshore interests are managed by Kirthar Pakistan B.V. Both of these companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group.

Onshore activities Learn more about Shell Onshore activities in Pakistan.

Offshore activities Learn more about Shell offshore activities in Pakistan.

Onshore Activities

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Shell’s Exploration & Production [E&P] activities in Pakistan are carried out by two companies – Shell Development & Offshore Pakistan BV (SDOP BV), and Kirthar Pakistan BV (KP BV), which manage its upstream interests both offshore and onshore in Pakistan.

Shell’s onshore interests in Pakistan are held by Kirthar Pakistan BV (KP BV). KP BV holds a 28% share in the Bhit gas field development and in the Badhra development, operated by Eni Pakistan Ltd; other partners include OGDCL (20%) and Premier-Kufpec Pakistan BV (12%). The Bhit field is a discovery of considerable size (over 1 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of commercially recoverable gas reserves). Commercial production of natural gas from the Bhit field commenced in Q4 2002 and Bhit production is currently steady at 250-270 million standard cubic feet of gas per day. KP BV/Shell’s 28% share of this production amounts to around 1213 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day. The Bhit field also produces around 275 barrels of condensate per day.

Offshore Activities

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Shell’s Exploration & Production [E&P] activities in Pakistan are carried out by two companies – Shell Development & Offshore Pakistan BV (SDOP BV), and Kirthar Pakistan BV (KP BV), which manage its upstream interests both offshore and onshore in Pakistan. SDOP BV holds a 47.50% working interest and is the operator of Block 2365-1 Offshore Indus E (Indus E Block), for which it obtained an exploration license in April 1998; 23.75% each is held by Premier Oil Pakistan Offshore BV and KUFPEC Pakistan BV and the remaining 5% by Government Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. The Indus E Block covers around 7390 sq. km. SDOP acquired/processed a 2042 km 2D seismic survey in 1998-9, much of which in water depths exceeding 1000 meters. Another seismic survey (64 Line KM 2D and 1544.3 km2 3D) was acquired in Q4 2003. The processing, interpretation and evaluation of this data was completed in mid-2004 following which the JV decided to seek new partners/equity to further reduce/share the high risks associated with this opportunity. Based the outcome of these efforts to seek new partners, the JV expects to reach a decision by mid-2005 on whether to relinquish the license or to proceed with a well programme.

Welcome to Shell Edge
printable version Welcome to Shell Edge. Our ultimate aim is to make it easy for you to conduct your business. Our services have been designed to suit your unique needs. We offer direct access to the appropriate expert who can give you the right answer straight away. Whether you choose to contact us by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail, you can be sure that you will receive the most reliable and efficient service at all times.

Introducing Shell Edge Contact Shell Edge Customer Service Center Operating Hours: Our Services Issues and Feedback Introducing Shell Edge

Shell, fully committed to achieving excellence in product quality and customer service, strives to serve you even better today with the introduction of Shell Edge. Now you can simply focus on your core business while Shell Edge takes care of the details. Shell Edge is designed to meet your unique business needs, thus facilitating your business operation at any time. Whether you choose to reach us by telephone, facsimile or e-mail, you can be assured of the most reliable and efficient service at all times. Through a single Toll Free Number 0800 CARES (0800 - 22737) for our existing customers and 0800 – 74355 (0800 – SHELL) for General Public, you can enjoy the quality services of Shell Edge. Our automated systems as well as our dedicated professional team fully equipped with advanced technology and telecommunications system is available to meet your various daily operational needs. You can avail our specialized services in the areas of Order placement, Delivery status, Price query, Accounts, Product & Technical support, Site maintenance, Promotion details and New Business. If you have any suggestions on our services or any other issues that you wish to discuss, we at Shell Edge always welcome it through our Feedback & Issues service. To maintain confidentiality of our customers and to increase the integrity of the processes, we have introduced the option of Pin code unique to each customer. The option of changing the Pin code rests with the respective customers. We have also introduced the Tele-management Team to manage your business requirements on a personalized level. We care for all your need, whether you want to start a business relation with Shell Pakistan (new customer) or you want to re-establish your relationship with us (inactive customers), feel free and confident that you will be serviced to the best, because You Can be Sure of Shell. After all, it is our endeavor to provide you with the right products and services, whenever and wherever, allowing you to make the best use of your time and promising you a total peace of mind at all times.

That’s Shell Edge, Your Business Edge! Back To Top Contact Shell Edge A simple phone call is all it takes to order Shell products or inquire about your account or delivery of your order. We should also be glad to hear from you regarding any queries or precious comments on our products and services. Customer Service Center (Existing Customers): 0800–22737 (0800CARES) Customer Service Center (General Public/ New Customers): 080074355 (0800-SHELL) Customer Services Fax(Toll-Free): 0800 – 24325 (0800-CHECK) Accounts Services Fax (UAN): +92-21-111-775-100 New Business and General Public: 0800-74355 (0800-SHELL) Shell Pakistan Limited: +92-21-111-888-222 / 5689525 Email: Order Services Account Services Product Information & Engineering Services Feedback & Issues Customer Services (General Emails) Customer Service Assurance Manager Mailing Address: Shell Edge Customer Service Center Shell Pakistan Limited Shell House, 6 Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman Road, Clifton Karachi 75530 Pakistan

Customer Service Center Operating Hours: 0800–22737 or 0800 CARES / 0800-74355 or 0800 SHELL Delivery Status Automated All Services Daily Monday-Friday Saturday 24 hours 8.30am-5.15pm 9am-3pm

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Order Services Delivery Status Account Services Accounts Services Price Query Product and Technical Support Promotions Change your Pin Code Number Feedback and Issues Equipment Maintenance New Business

Issues and Feedback At Shell, we always welcome feedback from our customers. If you have suggestions on our services or any other issues that you wish to discuss, Shell Edge offers you the opportunity to log these with Shell. After all, we are committed to meeting all of your business needs at all times.

Commercial Road Transport

There's no stopping when you're in the transport business. Your goods and passengers simply must reach their destination on time. That is why you must be able to rely on both your long distance and local transport trucks and coaches to keep on going even under the most severe circumstances.

Road Transport Shell's Rimula engine oils, Spirax gear oils and Retinax greases offer your truck's driveline unparalleled power, performance and protection. Transport Lubricants Improve fuel economy and engine protection with Shell Rimula. Shell Spirax » Donax - Automatic Transmission Fluid » Greases »

Shell Fuels Shell offers a range of fuels for cars, trucks, motorbikes and generators. Find out all about Shell Fuels. Shell Edge Customer Service for our Industrial & Commercial customers.Shell Edge designed to meet your unique commercial needs, thus facilitating your business at any time. Now you can simply focus on your core business while Shell Edge takes care of the details.

Commerical Road Transport

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Every day Shell fuels and lubricants ease the heavy load of truck fleets in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Specially formulated for diesel engines, Shell products will protect and improve your engine's performance even under the most arduous of service conditions.

Used together, Shell's Rimula engine oils, Spirax gear oils and Retinax greases offer your truck's driveline unparalleled power, performance and protection. Shell's hard-working, rugged and dependable team of engine oils, gear oils and greases will keep your fleet working as hard as you do.

Rimula - Diesel Engine Oils

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Rimula X Rimula D Rimula C Rimula | Spirax | Donax | Greases

Heavy Duty diesel engine oils for the harshest conditions. The Shell Rimula family of heavy duty diesel engine oils has been developed to provide you with exactly the right engine lubrication solutions to match the needs of your business - helping you control costs and increase profitability. The Rimula family delivers this promise through value-added performance oils of Rimula family ( Rimula X, Rimula D, and RImula C). These allow operators to extend engine life in severe duty and to reduce costs via optimised maintenance scheduling and fuel economy performance. Through continual innovation, we at Shell are dedicated to increasing the value of the Rimula family of engine oils for our customers. To this end, we are constantly evaluating it against both the needs of your operations and against the requirements of changing engine technology.

Rimula takes heavy duty engine lubrication to new levels of performance, giving you one worldwide family of hardworking oils to protect your engines in all conditions. Rimula products work together with the Shell Spirax range of world-class gear and axle oils, and the Shell Retinax portfolio of wheel bearing and specialist automotive greases, to protect your entire drivetrain.

Back to Top Rimula X Dependability Shell Rimula X is one of the world's bestselling diesel engine oils - with a reputation for rugged, hardworking performance. This reputation is built on millions of litres over millions of kilometres protecting European, American and Japanese engines. Rimula X provides robust and dependable engine cleanliness and wear protection; it works with a wide range of fuel sulphur levels; and helps maintain operational efficiency with none of the compromises you find in many universal oils available at this level. Versatility The versatility of Rimula X has made it one of the world's leading oils for trucks, buses and tractors. Recognised and approved by a wide range of OEMs, it is suitable for both light/medium duty applications and heavy duty construction and mining equipment by Komatsu and other makers. Helping your business Rimula X offers heavy duty engine protection, delivering legendary, robust, rugged performance that you and your truck, tractor or bus depend on. Back to Top Rimula D Consistent Performance Rimula D is a high quality multigrade engine oil that offers consistent performance, without the additional costs of extensive approvals associated with high specification oils. Rimula D is suitable for use in normally aspirated, lightly turbocharged heavy duty engines where short to normal oil-drain intervals are maintained. It meets the minimum performance requirements for turbocharged engines, exceeding the CF/CD performance. Cost-effective Taking advantage of the development of new additive and formulation technology, Rimula D brings you the benefits and performance of a quality multigrade oil at a cost-effective price, providing costcontrol benefits for the truck companies or operators. Rimula C

Rimula C is an economical monograde heavy duty diesel engine oil designed for vehicles with old technology engines routine use. Rimula C is suitable for wide range of old technology based european and Japanese engines. It meets the minimum performance requirements of API-CC.

Shell Fuels
Shell is in the business of making better fuels for your vehicle. Find out which of Shell's products suit your needs best and search for fuel-saving tips. Shell Petrols All Shell Petrols now give you Better Mileage.

Better Mileage Tips Here is 7 easy ways to get Better Mileage.

TV Commercial If you have have enjoyed our TV advertisment on the Better Mileage campaign, you have a chance to view it again. Better Mileage Feedback Form Please complete the feedback form on our newly launched Shell Petrol with Better Mileage Formula.Your views are important to us! Better Mileage Testimonials Hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our new Better Mileage formulation.

Shell Petrols

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Put More Miles in your Tank with New Shell Petrol The Story behind our New Petrol How it Works with your Engine Put More Miles in your Tank with New Shell Petrol As the cost of driving increases, so too does the need to find ways to make your money go further. New Shell Petrol has been tested and specially designed to start working from the very first tank- saving you money. So if you like the idea of putting more miles in your tank, make sure your next fill-up is at Shell.

The Story behind our New Petrol At Shell we are constantly striving to create the best fuels for our customers. We have invested heavily in leading edge research and developement. We're working hard to give you better fuels which will take you further. We've conducted a range of laboratory tests, which have shown that our Better Mileage formula can help moving parts within your engine run more easily which effectively burns less energy - and a more efficient engine, means improved fuel economy. Testing something in laboratory conditions is one thing, but we need to be sure that our formulation lives up to the rigorous conditions you face every day on the road. We have proven through extensive car fleet tests, that fuels treated with our Better Mileage formula can deliver enhanced fuel economy when compared to untreated fuels. So we have taken this knowledge to develop our latest generation of fuels which are designed to offer better mileage than previous Shell formulations. How it Works with your Engine Drawing on our extensive experience in developing fuel, our team carefully assessed all the potential sources of engine inefficiency which could impact on fuel economy. We looked into the heart of the engine and developed a complete petrol formula designed not only to help keep your engine clean but also to reduce friction, improving combustion and the overall efficiency of the engine. Our testing is carried out at Shell's ISO 9001 quality accredited laboratories in the UK and Germany to procedures which are openly published (Society of Automobile Engineers USA). This test has been rigorously audited by leading independent body British Standards Institute. For our fleet tests, we took a wide range of popular cars and selected pairs of the same model, one running on untreated fuel, the other using Better Mileage formula. From the city to the open road, we tested these cars simultaneously for 10,000 miles, monitoring them continuously. At the end of the tests we were able to see that the fleet which experienced greater fuel economy was that using our Better Mileage formula.

Tips on How to Get Better Mileage from Your Fuel

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Shell knows how important your car is to your daily life. So, we've put together a list of tips on how to get better mileage from your fuel.

1. Avoid over-revving your engine – change gear in good time 2. Avoid high speeds 3. Drive smoothly – avoid aggressive acceleration 4. Avoid sudden braking– keep a good distance from the car in front 5. Avoid carrying excessive weight – clear your trunk out now and then! 6. Use your airconditioner sparingly 7. Keep your engine well tuned and serviced


At Shell, we combine our leading technology, product innovation and proven experience to deliver solutions that optimise our customer's productivity. Our innovative products and expert services meet the specific needs of industry, improving business practices and performances. We deliver global solutions tailored for Fluids, Environment, Maintenance, Energy and many other areas of industry.

Automotive For repairs workshop of cars, bikes, and heavy vehicles, Shell have best range of lubricants to give workshop client's engines an improved performance and long lasting protection. Sugar Protect your company's reputation and product quality with the right range of lubricants suitable for Sugar industrial machine.

Power If your business is power generation and distribution, you can rely on Shell unique power grade lubricants for safety & performance.

Auto Repairs
Industry Home | Automotive | Power | Sugar

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If you provide the auto repairs services that your customers want, then you understand why only the best will do. That's why you use Shell lubricants to improve the performance of your repaired equipment. Our range of oils and greases will help you get satisfied clients.

Sugar Industries
Industry Home | Automotive | Power | Sugar

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As far as the sugar industry is concerned, Shell is in a unique position to cater to all the needs and requirements. With a medley of products and services that meet the industry's' standards, it's all about delivering value and results. Protect your company's reputation and product quality with the right range of lubricants. Shell's specially formulated lubricants will help ensure your operations comply with manufacturing regulations, while protecting your machinery and your products

Industry Home | Automotive | Power | Sugar

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To cater to the needs of the power sector, both public and private, Shell has a range of mineral and synthetic based lubricants. Companies that generate or transmit electricity continue to trust Shell for the optimal performance of their equipment. Shell Argina is one of the main products for this industry for a more efficient running of machinery.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Shell Gas Pakistan History

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Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited is a public limited LPG Company, listed on Karachi and Lahore stock exchange. The Company was incorporated in Pakistan in October 1966, initially as unlisted company, under the name of Burshane Pakistan Limited. Products and Services Our Performance In August 1982 the company’s shareholders decided to offer part of its equity to the general public in Pakistan thereby converting the company into a listed public limited concern. The company was granted permission by the Joint Registrar of Companies in Pakistan on December 28, 1999, to change its name from Burshane Pakistan Limited to Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited. The Shell International Petroleum Company Limited-UK holds majority shares (67.38%) in the paid up capital of the Company. The balance shares are held by individuals and others (15.06%), Financial Institutions (13.83%) and Insurance Companies (3.73%). The Company’s principal business activity is storing, filling and marketing of Liquefied Petroleum

Gas (LPG) throughout Pakistan. The first LPG bottling plant was set-up by Burshane adjacent to Pakistan Refinery in 1966. Due to its pioneering efforts in the LPG market in Pakistan, Shell is now a household name in Pakistan and is considered synonymous with Quality, Reliability and Safety with regards to marketing bottled LPG in Pakistan. In 2001 the Company participated in the privatisation of LPG business of Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and managed to secure the business. This has increased SGP’s indigenous allocations and gives it a market share of approximately 8%. Products and Services Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) Limited currently markets LPG in three cylinder sizes i.e. 6Kg, 11.8Kg, and 45.4Kg to meet domestic and commercial customer requirements. To grow the value to shareholders by delivering robust profitability and leveraging our competitive edge, transition from Burshane to Shell Gas was started in Pakistan in line with the Shell Global strategy of extending the Shell brand equity and with the business expansion opportunities arising as a result of the Governments decision to deregulate the LPG industry. Shell’s LPG business in the country is therefore being repositioned under the Shell ‘Umbrella’. The transformation process that began in July 1999 with the launch of the Shell Gas brand in the Nawabshah territory has now been extended to over 50 territories throughout the country. The Shell brand brings with it the complete ‘Customer Value Proposition’ offering which includes;

• • • • • •

Assured availability Free maintenance of equipment Correct weight Safe cylinders One stop shop convenience Home delivery and safety awareness programme Shell Gas has a clear strategy to offer and deliver differentiated Customer Value Propositions to various segments of the market, in order to increase customer satisfaction & retain our position as the premium LPG brand available in the market. Shell Gas is focused on attracting more customers and enhancing the brand by providing products and services to create customer loyalty and market share on a sustainable basis

Shell for Motorists

Shell understands how important your vehicle is to you. When you're on the road trust Shell to meet your every need. Here you'll find out about Shell products and services that will keep your vehicle in excellent

condition. Our network offers you friendly service, a range of quality Shell fuels and convenience shopping.

Fuels Shell offers you the best fuels for your vehicles and machines. Customer Service For all your enquiries regarding any of Shell's products and services offered at Shell Stations, contact our Customer Service. Car Care Tips Regular vehicle check-ups, by you or your mechanic, help your car to run at its best for longer. Check-ups don't just detect existing problems, they prevent new ones from occurring.

Shell Helix - Motor Oils Discover how Shell Helix actively cleanses your engine, leaving it rejuvenated, revitalised and refreshed, at the new Shell Helix website. Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils Get more from your bike with Shell's Advance range of specialty motorcycle oils. Stores Enjoy the range of regular necessities and convenient services we provide in your local Shell Store. Shell Cards Find out more about Shell fuel credit cards accepted at service stations Promotions and Events Retail has launched a Royal Club for Outstanding dealers. Read more on this exciting event..

Society & Environment

Society's expectations of big business are changing. These expectations include safe places to live and work, a healthy environment, conservation of our bio-diversity, environmental protection, clean air, clean water, reasonable return on investments and job opportunities, to name a few. At Shell Pakistan, we believe that the way to manage these challenges is through a commitment to the principles of Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development We understand the environment is an vital factor in our lives. Here we discuss key environmental Projects Shell Pakistan is undertaking. Sustainable Development Principles » Community Initiatives Shell has always prided itself on its contribution towards social and welfare development in Pakistan. Free Eye Care Camps » Medical Camps In Nothern Pakistan Due to Bad Weather » Managing Director's Message-Social Developement »

Road Safety Shell Pakistan has always placed great importance on the health, safety and environment aspect of the society it does business in. Shell Tameer Program Learn about Shell Tameer Program.

Sustainable Development Projects

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Being at Shell is about values – that’s what defines us - What defines us as a company; our values and a strong commitment. Shell’s strong general business principles provide the anchor for all our activities. Our core values of honesty, integrity & respect for people are at the heart of the way we manage our business. These principles embody our values, our commitment to society. The future of Shell is inextricably linked to the future of Pakistan. Our commitment to society, its past & present, continues with the hope of securing a better future for all. Mangrove Forests Preservation View the Forest Conservation Project Video Ayubia Natural Park Conservation Mangrove Forests Preservation With regards to the environment, we are focusing on two projects jointly with WWF. One is the protection and preservation of the mangrove forests in the Indus delta area (south of Karachi). Mangroves are important for fishing communities, which depend on these forests for their livelihood as well as for preservation of biodiversity. The mangrove forests in this area are degrading at an alarming rate and in a unique, first time partnership; WWF-Pakistan and Shell Pakistan are collaborating on this critical environmental concern.

View the Forest Conservation Project Video

View Forest Conservation Video (3.71MB) A joint partnership with WWF Pakistan. Working with remote coastal communities requires a long process of trust building. Since these communities are largely ignored and deprived of basic human facilities therefore they expected some support for their basic human needs such as health,education, drinking water etc. Therefore, an integrated conservation and development approach has been adopted.The social and development issues of the community are being addressed through networking etc. The communities of the area are now very receptive and contributing to the betterment of the environment of the area. The project has been putting special emphasis on building capacity of the local community to carry out conservation and development activities by themselves. Ayubia Natural Park Conservation Forest conservation is another area requiring urgent attention, with many of Pakistan’s forest being denuded at a rapid pace. Shell Pakistan has focused on an area near Islamabad called the AYUBIA NATIONAL PARK. Villagers who live below the forest line are consuming wood at the rate of 11 metric tons per household. At this pace, the forest will be almost extinct in 20 years. In its pilot project, Shell has focused its efforts in converting the households from firewood to LPG by providing LPG equipment at a subsidized rate to 300 households. The goal is to convert all 25000 houses from the surrounding communities to LPG, which will in turn substantially reduce the cutting down of trees. This programme is complemented by various awarenessbuilding programmes in the local schools about forest protection. Shell has provided computers and equipment to schools to facilitate this kind of learning. In our continuing efforts for the environmental improvement of the GALIAT, this year Shell has undertook the development of the NATHIA GALI PARK, which was inaugurated by Mr. Mohammed Akram Durrani, Chief Minister NWFP as Chief Guest on 5th August 2004.

Community Initiatives
Shell being a responsible corporate citizen has always contributed in society through various activities Community and Social Developement

Managing Director's Message on Social Development

Free Eye Care Camps

Medical Camps in Nothern Pakistan Due to Bad Weather

Community and Social Development

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Shell has always prided itself on its contribution towards social and welfare development in Pakistan. Since 1993, the company has donated over Rs. 40 million to a number of worthy causes. Shell has established itself as a responsible corporate citizen; not only working towards its profitability but also that of the community it is based in. Tsunami Relief Donations Community Initiatives Tsunami Relief Donations Mr. Farooq Rahmatullah (extreme left) Country Chairman and Managing Director-Shell Pakistan Limited handing over the cheque of Rs 1.3 million for TSUNAMI victims to Mr. Yasin Malik, Vice President-Red Crescent Society of Pakistan. Also seen in the picture is Major General (R) Bashir Malik, Chairman RCSP. Shell Pakistan's relief activity for TSUNAMI victims.The PR has also got a very warm response in local media here in Pakistan and we have succesfully been able to obtain 6 prominent insertions in some of the leading daily newspapers. Community Initiatives At Shell Pakistan, we believe winning hearts and minds is as important as winning markets. We believe that business has a fundamental role in delivering society’s goals – be it economic, social or environmental. Over the last decade, we have developed a robust programme of social investment which supports organizations and initiatives in the areas of health, education, welfare, community development, heritage and

environment dedicated to the welfare of the underserved and underprivileged members of our society. As part of its commitment to our strong General Business Principles, Shell Pakistan believes Sustainable Development provides us the framework for meeting society’s expectations today and its aspirations for tomorrow. We as a responsible corporate citizen feel that in a country where we are doing business, we need to work shoulder to shoulder in solving the problems faced by society. There are four primary areas, on which we focus for our social investment. Those are: health, education, environment and heritage. The projects include LAYTON RAHMATULLAH BENEVOLENT TRUST (LRBT), a chain of six hospitals throughout the country, providing free eye care treatment including cornea replacement to over one million patients free of cost annually; THE KIDNEY CENTRE (TKC), which provides free medical treatment including dialysis to poor and needy patients; KARVAN-E-HAYAT, one of the only mental healthcare facilities in Karachi. In education, we support BEHBUD ASSOCIATION, which supports girls’ schooling; HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME and THE BOOK GROUP, which provides quality textbooks for underresourced schools We also support ‘The SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES’ in Pakistan, which provide home and education to destitute children. A Shell House by the name of ‘Ashiana’ at the SOS Villages in Karachi stands as a testament to our dedication to this cause. In our efforts for the conservation of heritage, we support a number of have been neglected despite being declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among these, is the magnificent ROHTAS FORT, built by the Emperor Sher Shah Suri in the 15th century. We are proud to be the only corporate entity, which is currently engaged in supporting this particular project. We have also been one of the key contributors in the restoration and development of the MOHATTA PALACE MUSEUM- a key heritage site in Karachi, having a long association with the father on the nation. TAMEER is another significant part of Shell Pakistan’s social investment program. It is an entrepreneurship development program, focused on promotion of entrepreneurship amongst the youth by developing their skills. Launched in January 2003, Tameer is a public service program run under the name of Shell LiveWire by Shell Foundation, globally. Reaching out to over 10,000 people, it has met with spectacular success & is being cited as a best practice for the region.

Message from Shell Pakistan's Country Chairman & Managing Director-Mr. Faroooq Rahmatullah
People make it happen at Shell Pakistan. A dynamic, young workforce of men and women bring dynamism, energy, creativity to the business, and leads the way for the future. Shell Pakistan regards community involvement and community investment as key elements in its success as a business enterprise. Each year we support a broad range of social development initiatives in the areas of health, education, heritage, community development & environment.

Over the years, Shell companies in Pakistan have continued to support the work of over 60 organizations & NGO’s. These have included the Kidney Centre, the Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust, the SOS Children’s Villages, the Behbud School Fellowship Program, the Marie Stopes Society, as well as restoration of the Mohatta Palace and Rohtas Fort. Shell Pakistan has 50 young people working globally in the Shell world. They add value to the country where they work and upon their return, their experience brings value to both the company and Pakistan. Shell believes in a diverse workforce, people from all backgrounds, all religions and sects, recruitment, progression and promotion are merit based. The best and brightest, old and young, all work in synergy. In a male dominated industry, Shell Pakistan has women on its senior management team & on its board, a female auditor, and countless young and mature women defining the future of the company. The future of Shell is inextricably linked to the future of Pakistan. Our commitment to society, its past & present, continues with the hope of securing a better future for all. Like the sea, Shell brings change, dynamism and new possibilities and yet remains constant, lasting, dependable.

Free Eye Camp and Medical Installation

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Shell being a responsible corporate citizen has always contributed in society through various activities, is involved in a project which include Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT), a chain of nine hospitals throughout the country, providing free eye care treatment. The eye care treatment includes cornea replacement to over one million patients free of cost annually; The Kidney Centre, which provides free medical treatment including dialysis to poor and needy patients; Karvan-e-Hayat, one of the only mental healthcare facilities in Karachi.

Shell being a responsible corporate citizen has always contributed in society through various activities and Shell’s bulk oil installation at Machike is no exception. Inline with Shell’s policy on "Shell in Society", a free eye testing and medical camp was arranged on 9th April 2005 at Machike in collaboration with Layton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT). Target audience were Tank Lorry Drivers, Security Guards, contract staff and Shell permanent staff. Eye examination of approximately 50 people was conducted by Dr. M. Awais (Eye Specialist) & his team from LRBT- Lahore. Dr. Mohsin, Shell’s retainer doctor at Machike Installation, carried out Blood Grouping, Blood Sugar & BMI. Few people were also provided with the medicines.

Road Safety Initiatives

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Safar Bakhair (Road Safety) Program Driver Training & Attitude/Behaviour Improvement Journey Management System Haulier/Contractor Professionalism Shell Pakistan has always placed great importance on the health, safety and environment aspect of the society it does business in. Safety is our first priority, and we base our policies on the belief that all accidents are preventable. Safar Bakhair (Road Safety) Program

Shell Pakistan is committed to addressing the issues of poor road and safety conditions in Pakistan. Our pioneering efforts in improving safety standards are reflected in the 'Road Safety Program'.

Driver Training & Attitude/Behaviour Improvement Due to high driver's turnover (30%) Shell has trained over 10,000 drivers in the past 7 years in Defensive Driving techniques. Driver training courses are regularly held at all main installations coverage & frequency has been enhanced by adding a Mobile Training Bus to cover drivers operating in remote locations. The mobile training Bus was introduced in mid-2001 and since then more than 3000 drivers have been trained at remote locations. A basic medical examination of the drivers is also an integral part of the Defensive Driving training. As part of the eyesight-screening programme more than 2000 drivers have been screened out of which about 300 drivers have been supplied with prescription glasses. As part of behaviour change programme for the drivers a "Positive mind Set Change Training" has been developed by engaging Professional Psychologists which is focused on behaviour modification & mind set change. This training module has been merged with the conventional Defensive Driving Course. In order to further strengthen the message conveyed through the training courses, monthly HSE Tips are issued to drivers on the importance of safety.

Journey Management System Recognising Driver Fatigue being one of the key issue four Mid-Way Rest Stations after every 400 Kms, have been developed on the main highways. These mid-way rest stations are equipped with basic amenities such as clean drinking water, hygienic food, basic bedding and clean toilets. There are recreational and training facilities also made available for entertainment and ongoing training. Route Hazard Maps have been developed to establish major black spots on main Tank Lorry Routes and a system of communication to the drivers has been established to effectively manage road hazards. Concept of "Friends of Drivers" (FOD's) has been introduced to promote on-road counselling to drivers. Based on their performance these FOD's give out positive as well as negative points to the drivers League System.

Haulier/Contractor Professionalism This is a two year project to achieve compliance with Shell haulier HSSE Standards in line with seven core areas and supporting areas of Professionalisation. The objective is to impart relevant training in these seven core areas and prepare their individual organisation to manage their respective RT-HSSE in line with Shell Group standards. There is immense enthusiasm and participation being demonstrated by the hauliers and the exhibits show their on-the-job training which Shell is currently facilitating during next 24 months. The introduction of International Standard ADR Vehicles has opened a new era in the vehicle standards in Pakistan. It's a big change from past when predominantly vehicles with wooden cabins were being used. Shell has played the leadership role in developing new vehicle standards for petroleum carrying cargoes. These draft standards are currently being finalised before forwarding them to the newly established autonomous industry body, namely OGRA (Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority) for their enactment.

Shell Tameer- Pakistan

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Tameer is a sustainable development program for youth, run by Shell Foundation globally by the name of Shell LiveWIRE. Project encourages youth aged between 18-32 years to consider starting a business as a desirable and viable career option by providing free information, advice and support. "Livewire", the conceptual name of "Tameer" was launched in the uk in 1982, is supporting over a quarter of a million potential entrepreneurs today, flourishing in 14 other countries of the world "Tameer" is a stand alone project, with human resource dedicated only to this project and does not link in any way to Shell Pakistan's business. It is a Shell community development program for youth enterprise.

Fact File - Shell Pakistan
Shell Globally

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The aim of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group is to meet the energy needs of society, in "Shell" stems from an arrangement between two separate companies, Royal Dutch

ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Petroleum Company and The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company p.l.c., where by they share interests in the companies they jointly invest in - "the Group".


Royal Dutch is domiciled in the Netherlands and Shell Transport in the UK.

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There are some 740,000 shareholders of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and Shares of one or both companies are listed and traded on stock exchanges in eight Operating in more than 140 countries around the world. Direct workforce of more than 90,000 people. Shell serves over twenty million customers a day through some 46,000 service Shell's Retail network is the largest in the world. Philip Watts is the Chairman of the Committee of Managing Directors (CMD) of the

some 270,000 shareholders of The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, p.l.c. European countries and in the USA.

stations worldwide.

Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies and Chairman of The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, plc.


Shell Renewables is one of the five core businesses of the Shell Group, established

in 1997 to develop commercial opportunities in both solar and wind energy. Active in over 90 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle east and Asia Pacific.


The company traces its origins to a business set up in 1833 in London by Marcus

Samuel which traded in oriental sea shells.

Shell Pakistan

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Farooq Rahmatullah, Chairman & Managing director Shell Pakistan Limited, writes about the evolution of Shell in Pakistan and the present and future challenges for Shell Oil Products in Pakistan’s volatile business and political environment. A hundred years on…. As Shell Pakistan approaches its 10th anniversary next year, there will be many reflections on past achievements and future aspirations. But a look back at the past goes further than 10 years. In fact, the Shell brand name enjoys a 100-year history in this part of the world, dating back to 1899 when Asiatic Petroleum, the far eastern marketing arm of two companies: Shell Transport Company and Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, began importing kerosene oil from Azerbaijan into the subcontinent. Even today, the legacy of the past is visible in a storage tank carrying the date – 1898. Undoubtedly, it is a company, or rather a presence that has evolved - from the days of Burmah Shell Oil Storage Distribution in 1928 to the post independence Burmah Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan in 1947 which went on to become Pakistan Burmah Shell (PBS) during the nationalist years of the 1970s. And finally, in 1993, as economic liberalisation began to take root and the Burmah divested from PBS, Shell Petroleum stepped into raise its stake to 51%. The last two years have seen the Shell Petroleum Company successively increasing its share, with the Group now having a 76% stake in Shell Pakistan Ltd (SPL). At Shell Pakistan, we see this as an expression of confidence. Evolution and transformation…. The transition into a fully integrated company was an experience fraught with growing pains as well

as exciting new directions. As a witness to some of those moments, or as I call them, the transformative milestones, I can only add that it took vision and commitment on the part of the management and every employee to break away from the old ways, adopting new styles of doing business, adapting to new thinking, and yet retaining the best practices of the old company. Today Shell Pakistan Limited is the second largest Oil Marketing Company in Pakistan with an overall market share of approximately 20% for all petroleum products. Other major players include Pakistan State Oil and Caltex. With a turnover exceeding USD 1 billion and sales of 3.7 million tonnes of products, it is a company that has demonstrated the ability and the drive for sustainable success. Today a dynamic, young workforce of men and women determine the future of the company. Currently 49 SPL staff is working on secondments throughout the Group. For Shell Pakistan and for the country itself, this is an unrivalled achievement and one that gives me great pride. Change has also come with the increasing number of women entering the workforce at Shell Pakistan, taking on leadership roles and challenging positions hitherto only held by men - an encouraging sign towards building a diverse, inclusive company. This year saw the first Pakistani woman on the Board; two women on the management team, the first female auditor and many more women choosing Shell as an employer of first choice. In a traditionally male dominated industry and moreover, in a male dominated society, these are giant leaps forward. Staying the course, growing the business… 2002 has been an exciting and remarkable year for us, more so in light of the volatile events of last year and the internal upheavals resulting from the international situation, border tensions and political transition from a military government towards democratic change. Despite instability and few setbacks principally in the aviation business, Shell Pakistan performed robustly, steering its course through troubled economic and political waters. From a NIAT (Shell Share) of USD 8.1million and a ROACE of 12.1% in 2001, NIAT for YTD-Oct. 2002 has already crossed the USD 16 million mark and ROACE stands at 18%. Increase in retail fuel margins and high lubricant sales growth were contributing factors to this healthy uplift. Shell Pakistan also continued to enjoy the second highest brand share of preference in SOPE. In the last two years, deregulation of the downstream oil industry of Pakistan has dominated our attention in many ways. Shell Pakistan has been a leading player in engaging stakeholders, sharing the model for deregulation and working towards harnessing gains for the industry and for the consumer. Although lubricants were deregulated in 1993, the first step towards relaxation of controls on main fuels was the complete deregulation of furnace oil in July 2000. Since then, further controls have been eased which includes pricing of all products and deregulation of AGO imports. Despite deregulation, the retail fuel margins are among the lowest in the region. Until 2002 they were fixed at 2% and since March 2002 they have been increased to 3.5% - a gain made possible due to the concerted efforts of the downstream oil industry led by Shell Pakistan. Our presence is endorsed with a RVI network consisting of 550 sites across the country taking the overall number of retail sites to more than 1200 (including the PBS legacy network). To date, 48 CNG projects have been commissioned on our Network, contributing to the promotion of cleaner fuels and increased profitability of the company. For Retail, the YTD NIAT is $ 7.3 million, which I

might add has already exceeded its full year target. On the commercial front, the overall January -October 2002 volumes and C2 for lubricants are 13% and 30% higher than the same period last year. The commercial business is at the forefront of delivering value to a diverse customer base which includes some of the largest power plants in the country, over 500 textiles units, as well as major operators in the sugar and packaging sector. Making safety our business Safety remained the top priority for Retail. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, which aims at improving safety standards at retail sites, the Safety Champion program was introduced. The Safety Champions on at least two different occasions saved lives of people by helping out in accidents outside the forecourt. This initiative was recognised as the Best Practice across the zone and received SOPE President’s Award in 2001. Shell Pakistan faces one of the highest road exposures across the Shell World, with an exposure of almost 172 million kilometres of road network. As road safety is a critical business and reputation issue, SPL has a zealous commitment to increasing road safety at the operational level and concern for road safety has also been extended to include the community through public road safety programs. Some of the innovative programs and initiatives include:

o o o o o o o o o

Training more than 10,000 drivers over the past seven years in Defensive Driving Mobile training bus has enabled 3000 drivers operating in remote locations to also More than 4000 drivers have undergone eyesight-screening programme and about An in-house fit-for-purpose rehabilitation program to manage high drug usage For effective driver fatigue management, a leading cause of road accidents and to - Friends of Drivers (FoD) scheme for on-road counselling - Total of 8 rest stations for drivers across the country. - Route Hazard maps The recently launched Corporate Road Safety Plan aims to enhance visible

techniques. receive adequate training. 300 drivers have been supplied with prescription glasses free of cost. among drivers has been introduced. bolster driver counselling, SPL has initiated:

leadership commitment for road safety at all levels in order to achieve zero tolerance in fatalities. Road safety features at the top of the agenda in staff communication meetings at countrywide locations with the personal involvement of the Country Chair. Helping People Build a Better World…. In Pakistan, Shell is strongly commitment to Sustainable Development as a way to meet the needs and expectations of society and contribute to the economic and social development of Pakistan. Several initiatives in the past year highlight Shell Pakistan’s commitment to health, safety as well as environmental and social development. Following is a glance at some of the highlights of 2002: Shell Retail won the business for re-fuelling the first CNG buses in Pakistan. The bus company plans to operate 300 dual fuel buses in Karachi (the largest city in Pakistan and among the fastest

growing cities in the world) and will be a milestone towards promoting cleaner fuels in the public transport sector. The company is the only OMC in Pakistan to have initiated a tier-3 marine oil spill response exercise in active collaboration with the local authorities. Over 15000 retail attendants, many of them with little or nor formal schooling, are improving their reading and writing skills through the Elementary Education Programme. A robust Social Investment programme covering over 25 projects in the areas of health, education, community welfare, heritage and environment. Specific areas have included female education, AIDS awareness, leprosy eradication, eye disease, a Shell sponsored home for orphans, restoration of two key national heritage sites, human rights education and many other initiatives for community healthcare and education. Looking ahead… With the Pakistani economy poised for a turnaround and an agri-based economy that relies heavily on AGO, making gains and inroads into the AGO market promises significant and sustainable growth, especially in the agricultural / rural markets. CVPs are being developed to promote not only AGO sales but also to have lubricants tied in with them. The optimisation of cross – business resources is the need of the day and it is an approach that will give enhanced value for money. Such cross-functional linkage is also being evaluated to leverage LPG distribution network for utilising Retail and Commercial arrangements. Pakistan is a country, which is undergoing paradigm shifts in terms of opportunities arising from the liberalisation and deregulation policies of the government. The country is exhibiting non-OP opportunities such as gas utilities' privatisation, the prospect of gas import pipelines, and privatisation of organisations in the upstream sector. In light of these trends, Shell Pakistan is currently involved in the development of the South Asia Gas demand and supply database under the auspices of Shell Gas & Power. This database will help in assessing the opportunities throughout the South Asian region. Furthermore, owing to Pakistan’ s strategic geographical location Shell Pakistan has been selected by the CMD as the vehicle for NME in Afghanistan. This NME will establish Shell brand presence by introducing high quality fuels and lubricants in Afghanistan. And last but not least, as we grow the business in many profitable directions and seek innovation based success, the principles and values of Shell continue to provide the anchor for all our activities. We believe our competitive differentiation will not only be based on delivering value but espousing and acting on values

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