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What are your statutory and policy requirements for identifying, observing and reporting young people at
risk of harm?
* Notify the team leader or director immediately
* Record and be able to report if necessary any unusual behaviour or marked changes in the childs behaviour
* Record and be able to report if necessary any evidence of injury or neglect
* Follow legislative requirements
* Hand over the information compiled to the relelvant authorities
Q2. What ethical obligations do you have as stated in the NCAC's QIAS principles, service/centre policy and
procedures, service agreements, Early Childhood Australia code of ethics, Child Care Regulations 2003?
* Relationships with children
* Respect for children
* Partnerships with families
* Staff Interactions
* Planning and evaluation
* Learning and development
* Protective Care
* Health
* Safety
* Managing to support quality.
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Q3. What legal instructions do child care workers need to be aware of in their work environment?
Legal instructions child care workers need to be aware of in their work environment is to follow policies and legislation at
all times as well as mandatory reporting. Mandatory reporters are protected under state/territory legislation.

What does duty of care mean? Give an example of how you fulfil your duty of care
Duty of care means being aware of the tasks and responsibilities you have as a child care
worker. Being able to identify common risks to childrens health and safety and being able to
control those risks. All carers have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for children in
their care, and in doing so follow the guidelines of the centres policies and procedures.