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Question results

I asked people in my class which idea I should use for my graphic narrative from
a choice of these ideas:
Graphic Narrative 1
Set from the point of view of a villain who believes he has superpowers. Vincent
engineers his own powers to do bad things to the world living undercover, he
plots to rob a bank, killing people on the way but faces some dilemmas during
his crime. Vincent gets arrested and taken to a psychiatric ward where he faces
his final challenge, to escape.
Graphic Narrative 2
Alysa has suffered with a mental problem her whole life, when she reaches 18
she experiences black-outs as turns into her alter; a superhero. She has no
recollection of the previous events so has to trace her previous actions to
investigate what has happened to her. Towards the end of the narrative she
discovers what happens to her during the black outs with her alter and she uses
it for the good; to fight crime.

From my results I found that everyone I asked watched to see my second idea
made into a narrative, therefore, I decided to go with idea 2.