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K-SEALS Report

Child: Lucy
Date of Evaluation: September 16, 2015
Date of Birth: October 14, 2009
Chronological Age: 5 years, 11 months, 2 days

School: McElwain Christian Academy

Background and Referral Information:

Lucy is a five-year-old kindergarten student at McElwain Christian Academy. Her interests
include coloring pictures for her friends and spending time with her peers. Based on the time
spent with her, this examiner would infer that Lucy is a very independent and capable young
lady. She was excited about taking this test and was eager to answer the questions. On several
occasions, she even jumped out of her seat when she knew the answer to a question. The reason
for testing was to give this student practice in administering the K-SEALS.

Test Administered:
The test that was administered was the K-SEALS, Kaufman Survey of Early Academic and
Language Skills. The K-SEALS was written by Alan S. Kaufman and Nadeen L. Kaufman. It
was published in 1993. This test is used to determine if children between the ages of three and
six are ready for school.

Test Conditions:
This examiner administered the K-SEALS during Lucys time in after school care. This examiner
began administering the test after the student finished her snack and homework. The student was
a bit distracted by nearby students that were reading, coloring, and doing puzzles. As an
incentive, this examiner told the student that taking this test would take the place of her reading
time. From that point on, the student was more focused and motivated to finish the task. Upon
completing the K-SEALS, the student stated that she enjoyed taking the test and asked if she
could take it again the next day. She has asked about taking the test everyday since the test was


Numbers, letters, words
Expressive Language
Receptive Language
Number Skills
Letter & Word Skills

Standard Score


Confidence Interval
(95% accuracy)


Discussion & Recommendations:

Based on the results from this test, which are listed in the table above, this child received slightly
above average scores in every domain. The standard scores and standard deviation fell above the
mean score. This student is about to be six years old and most of these questions were easy for
her to answer; she often knew the answer after looking at the page for only a couple of seconds.
Prior to this test, this examiner considered this student to be average based on what was observed
during her time in after school care. It is recommended that the parents continue to monitor the
progress of the child and to continue to encourage her academically.

After giving this student the K-SEALS test, this examiner found that this student is slightly
above average in her academic and language skills when compared with other students her age.


Victoria Rivera