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Question Cluster & Objectives



WEEK 1: What is Climate Change? What is Happening?

Day 1

Describe initial knowledge and

attitudes about climate change
Define climate change and
distinguish it from global warming
and weather

Entry Event: Video clips and Classroom Discussion

Climate Change in 60 sec
Climate Change: The State of the Science:
Closing Video: What is possible:

Classroom Discussion
Knowledge & Attitude

Day 2

Determine factors that influence

Compare and contrast climate
and weather

Weather v Climate and Climate Change
Create Google Drive Folder: CC project

Weather vs Climate Quiz

Day 3-5

Why does climate change


RAFT and Team Project planning student grouping, final project rubric,
Project planning checklists, sample projects
Top 10 Climate Change Questions: What you need to know

Project planning
checklist and graphic
Final Project Rubric

Team Planning Meetings and Conferences: Planning I checklist completed;

Graphic Organizer with project timeline and assignments

Planning checklist
Timeline Organizer

What is climate change?

Collaborate to devise a group

plan for the project
Day 4-5

Week 2: What is happening and how do we know this? What does the data say about Climate Change?
Day 6-8

How do scientists study

Describe sources of data used to
measure climate change
Analyze relevant information on
different types of weather and
climate maps
Explain how data is used to
construct and test climate
change models
Use scientific tools to study

Climate Data Jigsaw - sources of data, comparing climate and weather maps
Reading weather and climate maps
Climate Systems
What types of trends are we observing?
Climate Models:

Differentiated Site

Climate Data Jigsaw in

shared classroom google
doc with oral report on day
(Mini-presentation rubric)

Day 9-10

current and historical climate

Evaluate the evidence of climate

NASA Climate Wizard

What are the ecological

impacts of climate change?

Phenology, Range shift and Biodiversity

Phenology, Range shifts, threats to biodiversity- video introduction and science
articles in LMS

Define phenology and range shift

Relate climate change to altered
ecology, and species survival.

Phenology and Range

shift exit slip: Use a
specific example to
describe how a mismatch
in two species' phenology
or range shifts might affect
both species in an
ecological relationship (like
predator-prey; pollinatorplant, seed dispersalanimal, etc.). (Day 10)

Week 3: How can we contribute climate change data?

Day 11-12

Explain the role of consistent

protocols in data collection
Access information in scientific
Correlate information from two
different sources

Phenology and Climate Project
Review historic climate data for our area (NOAA)
Access GLOBE Database
Review GLOBE protocols

Individual reflection:
What are the limits and
value of citizen science?

Day 13-14

Follow established protocols to

select site and collect local data

Select study sites & implement GLOBE budburst protocol with data sheet

Budburst data sheet

Day 15

How will we reach our


Team Conferences progress check: Review timeline and assignments;

Digital tools explored and selection made for final project; reflect on process

Digital tool selected;

timeline current

Week 4: What are the human factors in climate change?

Day 16-18

GHE, PhET simulation and the Carbon Cycle

What is the relationship
between atmospheric carbon

GHE, Phet exploration

and POGIL completed
GHE exit slip, Carbon

dioxide and the earth's

Explain the importance of the
greenhouse effect (GHE) to life
Relate increased CO2 to
increased temperatures
Relate greenhouse effect to
climate and observed changes
by distinguishing between natural
GHE and enhanced GHE
Identify sources and sinks of
Earth's Atmosphere And The Greenhouse Effect
PhET simulation study relationship between GH gasses and temp
Carbon Biogeochemical Cycle - POGIL group activity

Cycle Quiz

Day 17

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Day 17-18

Team Conferences Check Rough Outlines: Review Mock-up of project;

compare to final project rubric; reflect on process

Project mock-up
Final Project Rubric

Evidence linking humans and CC:
v=PN3Nr_43mvg&index=17&list=PL7F1CA66A69B5E629 (30 min)
ALT Video - Climate Science: What you need to know.
Human Cause Evidence:
More on Ice Core Data

Evidence linking humans

and CC Assignment

Day 19-20

What evidence links climate

change to human activities?
Identify causes Of Increasing
Atmospheric Carbon
Interpret data from the keeling
curve and ice core studies
Evaluate the evidence of climate
Evaluate the connection between
human activities and observed
Use scientific tools to study
current and historical climate

Day 20

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Week 5: What does our community think about Climate Change?

Day 21-22

How is climate change

The Climate Change controversy

Individual reflection on

perceived by the public?

Analyze Yale Six Americas
Report data to identify 6 general
attitudes towards Climate
Examine how climate change is
presented in the media
Day 22
Day 23-24
6 Americas Intro Video
Take Quiz to find own Climate Profile
Climate Change and the Media - compare scientific vs political presentations

CC controversy: How
does has the political
nature of climate change
affected public perceptions
and actions?

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Use information from Yale
studies to create and promote a
survey to determine local
audience knowledge and

Yale study: Changes in Behavior
Generate Google Form survey to assess community knowledge and

Google Survey (Example)

Day 25

Team Conferences progress check Project elements show work progress;

refer to final project rubric; reflect on process

Work progress check; at

least half done; Timeline
Organizer current

Day 25

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Week 6: What is the future of Climate Change

Day 26-27

What are the ecological

impacts of climate change?
Define ecosystem services
relate climate change to altered
ecological services
Explain why reducing climate
change is economically
Compare individual and class
ecofootprint to others in the world
Brainstorm ideas to reduce

Day 27
Day 28

Ecosystem Services and Ecofootprints

Ecosystem services video: Econ 120 Ecosystem Service
Watch the video Ecological Footprint overview: Ecological Footprint Video
Calculate own ecofootprint
( ) and class
ecofootprint using shared Google spreadsheet.; What do they mean? How do
they compare to others around the globe?

Individual reflection on
US, classroom and
individual use of
resources: Why Is
reducing climate change
the responsible
economical, societal, and
environmental decision for
Americans? Do you think it
is feasible? Why or why

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

How will people be affected

by climate change?

Climate Change Impacts on People

Human responses exit

slip: How will climate

Describe how climate change will

affect food production,
redistribution of populations, and
human health
Explain why some populations
will be more adversely affected

change affect food

production, population
distribution, and human

Day 29

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Day 29-30

Team Conferences progress check : Project elements show significant work

progress and detail; Timeline reviewed and reorganized if necessary

Work progress check; at

least done; Timeline
Organizer current

5B.1 Climate Wizard Modeling climate outcomes based on three different

Mitigate and adapt to Climate Change: what needs to be done?

Venn diagram of strategies

Mitigation vs Adaptation

Day 29-30

What can we do about

climate change?
Use current observations and
data driven models to predict
future impacts
Justify the need for global
strategies and cooperation
Identify constructive local and
individual actions

Week 7: Finish Project for Peer and Instructor Review

Day 31

What should our community Analyze data from Google Surveys

know about climate change?
Identify and characterize the
community to better tailor final

Day 32

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Day 32-34

Team Meetings and Conferences progress check: Final project in last

stages of initial revisions

Day 32-34

Students effectively
communicate their knowledge
and foster positive actions

Finalize Projects for peer review

Work progress check;

Should be in revision
stages; Final to-do list

Day 35

Collect Phenology Budburst Data

Day 35

Projects Peer Reviewed - each group peer reviews for one half of class period,
and presents project for one half (~12-15 min each small group presentation)
Every project reviewed by at least two other teams scoring with final project
Students self score project.
Instructor also scores projects on rubric and provides feedback

Final Project Rubric

Week 8: Revise Project for Final Submission

Day 36Day 38

Work on Project Revisions based on feedback from self, peer and instructor
Due at end of Week

Final Project Rubric

Day 37

Collect Phenology Budburst Data; Organize data and submit

Final Data Report

Individual Reflection
What types challenges will
species face in the future
as the climate continues to

Day 39

FINAL Projects presented in class

Day 40

Retake initial knowledge and attitude survey

Complete BIE Self-reflection Checklist
Self-score project on final rubric

Final Projects Shared at IF Earth Day (4th Sat in April)

Day 41

Group reflections and schedule projects for Earth Day Booth (each class will
have 2 hour block)

Knowledge & Attitude

BIE project reflection