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National Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Walk 4 Hope
“Capturing Grace”
Movie Premier

Photo by Hope Parkinson Program Care Partner,
Frank Moore Jr. from 2015 PD Sunset Cruise

Dear Friends of Hope Parkinson Program
Through all the seasons of
the year, Hope HealthCare
Services Parkinson
Program nurtures
participants in body, mind
and spirit. Together, we
participate in activities
and workshops. We listen
to expert advice and learn
new information. Most
importantly, we connect
with each other for
support, companionship
and camaraderie.
Spring’s arrival brings a renewed sense of purpose as we
enjoy warmer, lighter days. At our Spring Community
Education Seminar, “Finding Hope for Living Well
with PD,” program participant Jerry Bramlett will share
his personal story about finding his purpose through
Parkinson’s. “You know you’re getting better when you

can help somebody else,” he shared. Learn more about
Jerry’s story and the seminar on page 5.
Spring is also a great time to start thinking about new
ways to keep moving. April is National Parkinson’s
Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to
take action. This is why I am excited about the first
Walk 4 Hope. I hope you will join us in supporting
and celebrating our wonderful Parkinson community,
Saturday, April 30 at Lakes Regional Park. The walk will
be a great way to spring into action with friends and
Warmest Wishes,

Samira K. Beckwith
President and CEO
Hope HealthCare Services

Parkinson’s Disease and Unexpected
Hospitalizations I Dr. Amanda Avila
Unexpected hospitalizations
often result in complications for
people with PD. Emerging data
shows that 75% of hospitalized
patients with PD are not getting their medication on
time, resulting in serious complications for 60% of
Approximately 70% of hospital staff
do not know which drugs worsen PD
symptoms – nor do they know that
many common medications are unsafe
for people with the disease, despite the
fact that hospitalized PD patients are
admitted 50% more often than their
Fortunately, there are steps you can
take to stay safe in the hospital. Bring
an accurate and complete list of all
medications you are currently taking,

and remember to bring your programmer with you.
Ask your hospital doctor to write specific times for your
medications. Also remember that your PD symptoms
may worsen temporarily.

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation’s “Aware in Care” Kit is
a great resource that includes tools and information to
help a person with Parkinson’s to optimally
prepare for and manage a hospital stay. The
Common Medicines to
kit includes a care bag, 24-page hospital
Avoid with PD
action plan booklet, Parkinson’ disease ID
bracelet, medical alert card, medication
Haldol (haloperidol)
form, fact sheet, “I Have Parkinson’s”
Abilify (aripiprazole)
reminder slips, thank you card and a disease
Zyprexa (olanzapine)
reminder magnet. Be prepared and order
Risperdal (risperidone)
your FREE kit today. Visit www.awareincare.
Geodon (ziprasidone)
org or call 800-4PD-INFO.
Phenergan (promethazine)
Reglan (metoclopramide)
Compazine (prochlorperazine)

Amanda Avila, MD

Hope Parkinson Program Medical Director
Movement Disorder Specialist, Florida
Neurology Group

National Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month
Hope HealthCare Services has planned a variety of events for Parkinson’s Awareness month. Please plan to join
us and help raise awareness in the community!

Special Movie Premier Event:
Capturing Grace

Community Education

Tuesday, April 5 • 2 p.m.
Shell Point – The Woodlands Grand Cypress Room
14441 Woodsong Lane, Fort Myers

Finding Hope for Living
Well With PD

Dave Iverson is a masterful storyteller...Capturing
Grace is a poignant reflection on the strength and
resilience of the human spirit.
— Michael J. Fox

Friday, April 15 • 1 p.m.
Hope Cape Community Room,
2430 Diplomat Parkway E., Cape

Parkinson’s is personal for filmmaker and director Dave Iverson. He was
the third member of his family to receive the diagnosis. While producing
a film about Parkinson’s called “My Father, My Brother and Me” for the
PBS Frontline series, Iverson learned about the Mark Morris Dance
Group’s unique partnership with the Brooklyn Parkinson Group and the
idea for Capturing Grace was formed.

Special guest speaker Jerry Bramlett
will share his personal story about
his experience with Parkinson’s

Iverson explains that Capturing Grace is a story about the intersection
of two realms: One is occupied by some of the most acclaimed modern
dancers in the world – the other is inhabited by a group of people with
Parkinson’s disease.

Presentations will be followed by a
Q&A session.
(Questions submitted should not
include any personal medical
treatment advice).

“This is a film about rediscovery, the rediscovery of a lighter step and the
sweetness of motion. And it’s a story about a remarkable community
of dancers – some professional, some not – but all coming together to
move in space...and in doing so, rediscovering grace. And it is in that
rediscovery that each becomes whole,” said Iverson.

Light refreshments will be served.
Seating is limited, so please contact
Michelle Martin at 239-985-7727 or
Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org to
reserve a spot.

RSVP to Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org by Friday April 1.

Hope Parkinson Program Walk 4 Hope
Saturday, April 30 at 10 a.m. at Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers
April is National Parkinson Awareness month. Join us to help raise awareness and support our local Parkinson Community
during a one- to three-mile walk at 7330 Gladiolus Drive in Fort Myers. $25 registration includes t-shirt and refreshments.
Sponsorships are welcome. Register online at donate.hopehcs.org/Walk4Hope, or call 239-985-7727 for more information.

It’s All About You
April 20 - May 25 • 1 - 3:30 p.m.
Wednesdays at Lakes Regional Library
15290 Bass Road, Fort Myers


Fighting Back
Against PD

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique
exercise program based on training
used by boxing pros that has
been adapted to benefit people
with Parkinson’s disease. Recent
studies indicate that intense
exercise programs like non-contact
Rock Steady Boxing may be
“neuro-protective” and help delay
the progression of Parkinson’s
The Rock Steady Boxing program
at FYZICAL Fitness Therapy &
Balance Center in Fort Myers
includes boxing drills and
conditioning for optimal agility,
speed, endurance, accuracy,
hand-eye coordination, footwork
and overall strength. No boxing
experience is necessary, and male
and female participants range in
age from mid-30s to early 90s.
Led by RSB certified trainer and
coach Angie Moran, Rock Steady
Boxing classes are available
for those experiencing mild to
moderate PD symptoms. Coaches
perform an assessment on each
participant before they join the
program so they can base work on
individual needs.
For additional information or to
schedule your assessment, call
Mike Drumm at 239-561-1177.
Classes are offered on a first come,
first serve basis. Remember to
consult your physician before
starting any exercise program.


Want to learn how to get and/or stay active and enjoy your life?
“It’s All About You” is a highly interactive, research-based program that will empower you
to better manage your Parkinson’s disease.
Participants will learn how to:

• Be better prepared for your physician visits
• Be able to establish short- and long-term goals for better health
• More easily manage your medications
• Understand the benefits of exercise
• Manage the symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue
• Make smarter decisions related to healthy eating

Participants in this six-week workshop will receive a copy of the book “Living a Healthy
Life with Chronic Conditions,” by Dr. Kate Lorig. For more information on this free,
unique and interactive workshop, or to register, please call 239-424-3122.

Flaxseed: Many Benefits for
People with Parkinson’s
Flaxseeds are tiny, glossy brown seeds with a pleasant, nutty flavor and a number of
health benefits:
• they are high in soluble fiber, which helps keep blood sugar in control
• they are high in insoluble fiber, which helps prevent constipation by
keeping the stool soft, bulky and easy to pass
• 28 grams of flaxseed (about one ounce) contains 7 grams of fiber
• they are rich in protective fatty acids
• they contain lignans, a substance that appears to protect against cancer
Flaxseeds will pass right through the digestive system if you do not grind them before
using them. Store whole seed at room temperature, and grind as you need it. Or buy
small amounts of ground seed and store it in freezer. Once the seed is ground, it
becomes highly perishable and may go rancid.
You can add flaxseed to cold or cooked cereal, casseroles and homemade bread.
You can even blend it into fruit smoothies.
If you’d like to try flaxseed, discuss it with your doctor or dietitian. Start
with a small amount – just a half-teaspoon – to ensure there are no ill
effects and that you’re not allergic to flax. You may then want to work
up to a tablespoon a day, but go slowly. Abdominal bloating, cramps
and gas can result if you try too much at once.
Kathrynne Holden, MS, Moderator of the National
Parkinson Foundation Forum “Ask About Nutrition,” and
author of “Eat Well, Stay Well with Parkinson’s Disease,”
and “Cook Well, Stay Well with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Staying Social: 2016 PD Sunset Cruise
Friday, May 6 • 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Staying social and keeping active improves your quality
of life and balances your body, mind and spirit. Come
join in on the fun of a favorite social activity and an
annual Hope Parkinson Program tradition: the PD
Sunset Cruise.
Hope Parkinson Program participants are invited to
enjoy the fellowship of friends while enjoying a sunset
cruise on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Shell Point’s
Suzy Q V has been privately chartered just for us!

Sunset cruise seating is limited, and reservations are
required by Friday, April 29. Email Michelle.Martin@
HopeHCS.org or call 239-985-7727 to reserve your seat.
Bottled water and a light snack will be provided. No
other food or beverages, walkers or wheelchairs, please.
$20 per person.

The Suzy Q’s seats are spaced to allow comfort and
mobility, and the disembarking and embarking area
has plenty of head room and easy access. The Suzy Q is
Coast Guard approved for 26 passengers.

Inspiration in Action

Hope Parkinson Program exercise instructor Jerry
Bramlett finds purpose in encouraging others.
Jerry Bramlett’s Parkinson diagnosis came as a shock
15 years ago. “I thought it was all over with,” he said.
But after taking one of Hope’s Parkinson 101 classes,
Jerry gained a better understanding of how medication
and movement can improve mood and mobility. He
started making progress in exercise classes he initially
found too difficult. When his instructor suggested
checking out Tai Chi, it wasn’t long before Jerry started
showing his classmates a few new moves. After serving
for awhile as a substitute instructor, Jerry became
a year-round Hope Parkinson’s Program exercise
instructor in 2006.

noon in North Fort Myers. Attendance has grown from
six or eight people to more than 35.

Jerry teaches the Hope Parkinson Program exercise
group on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to

Visit hopeparkinson.org/exercise to view a calendar of
Hope Parkinson Program exercise groups.

On The Move

“The biggest killer we have is sitting. You have to keep
active and keep moving,” Jerry said. “You just have to
persist and keep trying to work at it. There’s nothing
you can’t do.”

Are you interested in a Parkinson’s Dance Workshop?
Email Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org or call 239-985-7727.


Spring 2016 Workshops
3-P: Posture, Poles & PD
May 14 – June 4 • 10 - 11 a.m.
Saturdays at Hope Cape Community Room
2430 Diplomat Parkway E., Cape Coral

Pole walking has many benefits, including improving balance and coordination and
reducing the fear of falling. Using special rubber-tipped poles outfitted with wrist
straps, participants will exercise their arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles – it’s a whole-body workout!
Lindy Smith’s five-week workshop incorporates a gentle warm-up with attention to posture, seated exercises for flexibility,
standing challenges and breathing awareness as well as pole walking. The ultimate goal after five classes is for those living
with PD to be more confident and aware of how moving with a purpose enhances life.
Due to class size, the program is limited to participants with PD or Parkinsonism diagnosis. Loaner poles will be provided
courtesy of LEKI.
The program is $20 per person, and registration is required by Friday, April 29. A signed doctor’s consent form is required.
Participants can bring one care partner for support. Please call 239-985-7727 or email Michelle.Martin@HopeHCS.org.

Speak Easy

May 12 - June 9
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. or 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Thursdays at the Hope Cape Community Room
2430 Diplomat Parkway E., Cape Coral
Have you experienced changes in speech and voice resulting from Parkinson’s
disease? Would you like to improve your speech and voice use with others in a fun
atmosphere? Speak Easy is a five-week small group speech therapy workshop led
by Mary Spremulli, CCC-SLP, licensed speech-language pathologist and owner
of Voice Aerobics. Participants identify individual goals for improving speech and
voice, and work together as a small group to provide feedback and support.
Class members receive a notebook of home practice materials along with a HiVOLT® voice-on-light bracelet with a calibrated light that provides feedback
helping users stay loud enough for everyday conversation.
Classes will have a minimum of four people and a maximum of six. $125 for five
sessions includes Hi-VOLT® 4 PD audio CD and voice-on-light bracelet. Nonrefundable. Sorry, no spouses allowed. Please register by Tuesday, May 3 by calling
Mary at 941-204-1515.

Speak Easy Workshop Participants Speak Out
“I’ve learned something about how much effort is required to speak audibly.”
“ I learned exercises to help to keep myself audible.”
“I realize the things I need to change.”
“My wife says my voice is louder and clearer.”


PD Golf
Saturday, March 26 • 11 a.m.
Alico Family Golf
16300 Lee Road, Fort Myers

Come get in the swing of Spring at
the final instructional opportunity
sponsored by Alico Family Golf!
Director of Instruction Tim
Jankowski’s one-hour workshop will
focus on improving your swing and
your score.
The cost for this workshop is only
$10 per individual and is open to
individuals with all stages of PD.
You may register at the front counter
at Alico Family Golf by 10:45 a.m.
the morning of the event.
For more information, contact Tim
at 847-644-1513.

Local Resources for Parkinson’s Disease

Contact the following organizations for more details and current programming schedules.
Educational and Navigational Support
Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida
Aging and Disability Resource Center
15201 N. Cleveland Ave.,
North Fort Myers
Helpline 866-413-5337;
United Way-211
Helps people navigate their way through the maze of
health and social services agencies by providing the
most adequate resources for the client’s situation and
promoting prevention and self-sufficiency by giving
clients easy access to services.
Dubin Resource Center
Dementia Safety Program, dementia caregiver
education and support groups.
239-437-3007; www.alzheimersswfl.org
Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop
“It’s All About You”
Exercise Health & Wellness
Bonita YMCA Pedaling for Parkinson’s program
Marla Ramsey; 239-221-7560
Laughter Yoga
Fort Myers Beach
Meg; 614-216-9341;

Lehigh Senior Citizens Center
Weekly Tai Chi Balance Classes
219 Plaza Drive, Lehigh Acres
239-369-5355; seniorcentermgr@comcast.net
Senior Health & Wellness program serving residents
of Southwest Florida ages 50 and older.
Lee County Parks & Recreation Pools
San Carlos, Lehigh Acres, Fort Myers and Pine Island
Punta Gorda PD Exercise Classes
Contact Pete Gaylord at pgaylord320@gmail.com
Medical Services
LMHS PD Rehabilitation Services Team
Balance Screenings & PD Rehab Clinics
Mary Jo Haughey; 239-434-4962
FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers
239-561-5616; www.fyzical.com/fort-myers
Hope at Home
Private Duty Nursing Care, Medicare Home Health,
Palliative and Hospice Care
239-482-HOPE; HopeHCS.org

National Resources
NPF National Parkinson Foundation
PD Help Line; Patient Education Booklets;
Aware In Care Kits; “Ask the Doctor Forum”
MJ Fox Foundation
PD Research Opportunities

UF Center for Movement Disorders
3450 Hull Rd., Gainesville, 32607
Davis Phinney Foundation
PDF Parkinson Disease Foundation

2016 Annual Hope Parkinson Symposium
The word is out: This year’s Symposium at the Harborside Event Center was our best yet! Thank
you to all the participants, volunteers, vendors and sponsors who helped support the event.

With special thanks to …
P latin um Sponsors

Distinguished Speakers

Kelly D. Foote, MD, Amanda Avila, MD and John Baumann

Hope Parkinson Program Calendar Details

All events require pre-registration. Please call 239-985-7727 or email Michelle.Martin@hopehcs.org.
The latest programming information can be found at www.Hopeparkinson.org.
e v ent

C O L O R K E Y:

Support Groups: Blue
Exercise Classes: Black
Educational Events: Red
Social Events: Green

Bonita and Estero classes are
provided in partnership with
Entry to Estero and North
Ft. Myers Lee County Parks and
Recreation facilities requires you
present a Membership Card that
can be purchased at the facility
prior to attending your first
class. Cost is $10 for a lifetime

L O C AT I O N S :

Hope Bonita Springs Community Room: 27200 Imperial Parkway
The Terraces: 26455 S Tamiami Trail
Cape Coral Wellness Center: 609 SE 13th Court
HOPE Cape Community Room: 2430 Diplomat Parkway E.
Estero Recreation Center: 9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd.
Cypress Cove “Edison Room”: 10500 Cypress Cove Drive
Brookdale Cypress Lake: 7460 Lake Breeze Drive
FUMC-Faith United Methodist Church: 15690 McGregor Blvd.
Hope HealthPark Community Rooms: 9470 HealthPark Circle
Shell Point King’s Crown Meeting Room: 14701 Kings Crown Way
Shell Point The Woodlands Grand Cypress Room:
14441 Woodsong Lane
Hope Connections: 475 East Cowboy Way
Recreation Center: 2000 North Recreation Park Way
Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda isles Civic Association Room 3: 2001 Steve Street
Schedules are subject to change.


Hope Parkinson Program

Hope Hospice and Community Services, Inc.
9470 HealthPark Circle
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Prsrt Std
US Postage
Permit #589
Ft. Myers, FL

Did You Know?

Participants know they can count
on the Hope Parkinson Program
to provide educational seminars,
movement classes, social events,
support groups, care navigation and,
of course, plenty of fun activities.
However, most do not know that
the program is funded by generous
donors, community gifts and the
United Way. The Parkinson Program
team is committed to providing
complimentary membership and
offering Hope-run classes, groups and
events at no (or low) cost.
If you believe in the program’s mission
to keep everyone living with PD
informed, connected, supported and
feeling good, please consider making a
tax-deductible gift. Donations can be
mailed to: Hope Parkinson Program,
9470 HealthPark Circle, Fort Myers,
FL 33908 and can be made online at

Please shop at Amazon Smile, and choose
us as your charity!
Amazon will make a donation to our
organization. Just select name Hope Hospice
and Community Services, Inc.

Sometimes love
needs a helping hand.
Home Health Care
Private Duty Nursing

They’re relying on you. And you may
need some help. At Hope, we understand you

have many roles in your family - and that few are as
Personal Care important as your role of caregiver. We can support
Assistance all you do with our comforting care - coordinating
Proud Partner Agency

The Hope Parkinson Program is
provided by Hope HealthCare Services,
a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3)-status
community-based agency.

Caregiver Support medical needs, explaining options and providing
Family Education emotional guidance for you and your loved ones.
Palliative Care Together, we can make each day the best possible.
Expert Hospice Care
Let Hope be there for you.

hopehcs.org • 239.482.4673