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Foreword 1
Dedication 2
Life Members 5
In Memoriam- V. Armstrong 7
In Memoriam W. Taylor 8
Essay Contest 10
Semi-Annual Meeting Reports 15
Annual Meeting Reports 24
Excerpts from The Voice of the River
By Mrs Seraph A. C. Morgan 40
The Pike, A Short Guide to a Small River
By Paige Knight 45
Ephraim Knight , M. P. Vol 5,, M.H.S. Reports 73
Ephraim Knight’s Letters 74
St. James the Apostle, Stanbridge East
by Paige A. Knight 76
Edward J. Scagel by Ruby G. Moore 80
Pioneer Woman, Helen David by Esther Mason 82

Hobart Butler, Gentleman and Scholar
By Janice Cook 85
Answers to a Quiz by Marian Oakes 90
The Small Family of Durham
by J. Lloyd Armstrong 94
Some New Light on an Old Chapel
by The Rev. Keith Eddy 99
Inheritance by D.J.M 108
The Pioneers
History of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 109
A Genealogists Lament Anon 111
Beating the Drums for Sir John
By Audrey Martin McGee 112
Missisquoi Historical Notes
Contributed by Beryl Tremblay 121
Historical Sketch of Dunham Creamery
By Lynne E Lang and Ronald Martin 124
Post offices in the Parish of St. Armand East
and Frelighsburg by Norma Young 134
Landsberg’s Store by Margaret J. Ellis i139
Memory Street by Marguerite Corey Miller 145
A Closer Walk by Marguerite Corey Miller 145
Letters from Malcolm MacCallum
Contributed by Donald MacCallum 146
The Story of The Lady Maria by Donald MacMallul 150
Commodore John Steel by J. Wesley Miller 155
Indentured Servant by Parker Reynolds 157
Excerpts from St. John’s Directory 159

Visitors Register, Moore’s Corners 163
Reminiscing by W. Gordon Roberts 165
Personal Recollections by Arthur de Creese Gilmour 169
Tarting up the White House By The Rev. P.D. Hannen 175
Canon Mussen’s Diary contributed by Gerald Hawke 179
Resolutions, Province de Quebec,
Annexation de la Partie Quest,
copie a M Louis Couville 192
Missisquoi Historical Society Officers 197
1979-1980 Membership List 199
Acknowledgments 204
Price List of Books for Sale ay Missisquo Musuem 204