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Report 14

[publisher: Missisquoi Historical Society, Stanbridge East, Quebec]
Missisquoi County Historical Society report no. 14; 287 pages; illustrations; contents
* United Empire Loyalists in the Eastern Townships (by Audrey M. McCaw)
* Three articles on our historic past (by Donald McCallum)
* The Robinson residence, Cowansville (by Hobart Greene)
* Dr. Elijah Rowell, 1828-1889 (by Homer Bedee)
* Notes on the Blinn family (by Kate W. Blinn
* The Shand family (by Douglas Shand Tucci)
* Whitwell House, Philipsburg (by Keith Eddy)
* Here and there among some of the pioneer families of Stanbridge East (by Janette
* Reminisce along with me (by Estella Primerman)
* The Vaughan family of Noyan (by Herbert R. Derick)
* Historical address (by Arnold L. Arms)
* An illustrated souvenir of Bedford (by Arthur T. Gould)
* The Bissell family of Noyan (by Darby G. Livingston)
* Betsey McKinstry Walbridge, 1794-1872 (by Frances Walbridge)
* A day in the life of Dr. Erle Draper (by Catherine M. Draper)
* The Montreal, Portland & Boston Railway and the Hibbard Road (by Norma W.
* Alice Jane Johnson, a portrait of her times (by R. W. Yates)
* Historical sketch of Quebec's frontier early postal service and post offices (by R.
Patterson); softcover; fine condition.