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Strange and Miraculous N El £ S from TVRKIE Sent to our Englifo Anabaflacour refident at Covsfanti- Of Woman which was feene in the Firmament Book inher handat Afedins Talsabs where Afabwners To! Allo feverall Vifions of Armed menappearingintie Ayre for one andewemy dayes gether. Wieha Propheticall interpretation made by 2 Maburreran rief, who loft his life ia the maintenance ter .dgein the Serena, Printed for Hugh Perrey necre 1°) Juie V3. 164% hb A Strange . Apparition or Vifion feene to appeare at Medina Talnabi is 7 re Mabamer their great Prophet was buried. Here came Neives to Cite Jaatiougle of a Strange Appatition_or Vifion, awhich was Gene at ater ‘dina Talosbi in Arabia, whereas ex abone greatProphetwasburicd: vide whale Tombe ZA the Tarkes vfe to goc in. Pilgrimage» bue they to Mechs, whichis ome few day. there they cake a ticker from t Grand Seigicurs Bygierbeg, elfe they are not al- lovedrogeeco Medins, ; "This Viton cnnginued three weeke} traccher, whic ered thewlin'e Contry, for tae 0 minconld difcover the truth thereof. ut the 20. of September, there fell fogreat + Tehnpeft, and (6 fearefull a Thunder about mid- ‘ight, as the Heavens wer: datkned, and thofe ‘At GQ that eee ake ete. mod. Leaded ag belgie fejehc Babb, the Babple might read inArabion Chance words inthe Enraiainenr, O why writ sinleeeedd ‘ies herweent to.and cheee mthe mothingyhete s feene a voman in whitecomapaffed about with thagitahilvings chosefulteoaatenance; fade i fer ountuBookcomming froma tne N stucaliap. agiuillier were Arnis of Ver, Pesos, Arisst sad other Msbanesany exiged ia or ¢i2of Baal end Henly 16 charger but tee cpt.ver tuning, sod ojely.opeucd-the Rockey the Gg't whereof the Atniesfedyandpreory the Laraps about sharers Tom se went oust] asfoonéas éver the Vuflon vanifed * (whieh ws] commonly do hours bore Suh ref mir] rising Wind was heard, hereunto they imp! ted theexzinguithig of the Lamps, The entia Pilgrims of Mahomets Rocd, who after they hie vifitedthis plies never wero cu theiehairey 8) much amazed for that ghey couk-now-eonceive-Se meaningof this Viftou,onely ong of the Dervitit, which i6a tia veligiousOrdcramong the Turbe, ik unto the Cappachins amongtt the apis ry bol and live in Contempt:tion, ftepped up very boldly, and made aSpeec'unjoche Compiny whigh ieee a8 che pore Pri, fed them match againit hi