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Lesson Plan on Inferences (5.RL1)

Content Standard(s) ELAGSE5RL1:Quoteaccuratelyfromatextwhenexplainingwhatthetextsaysexplicitlyandwhendrawing


The student will be able to make inferences based on grade level text with 80% accuracy.
The student will be able to quote accurately from the text while staying on topic.

Vocabulary review and

Link to Prior

The teacher and students will review vocabulary words from previous lessons.
Inference, Quote, explicate, Cite, Constructed Response. Students would
add these words to their ABC knowledge chart in their reading interactive notebooks.

(Explain, Model,
Demonstrate, Plus
Differentiate As

The teacher will show the inference video from Safari Montage. After, she will begin
modeling how to play the inference game. Using 1 student as her game partner, the
teacher will show the students that each person has a game board and a pile of cards.
One person draws from the pile of cards and reads it aloud. When done, they must
make an inference based on their reading. The student will cover the corresponding
space on their game board. Each student must then fill in his or her constructed
response paper and use evidence from the text to support his or her answer. This game
can be found here:
Students will pair up and begin playing their inference game and documenting their
answers. Each student must complete a constructed response answer sheet.

Guided, Targeted
Monitoring Success,
Independent Practice
(Reinforce Skill, Extend

Bring the students back together. Have students summarize what they have learned
with the 3-2-1 method. 3 things you found out, 2 interesting things, and 1 question
you need answered.
Students will complete their independent practice on They will watch
the short inference video and complete a lesson on inferencing. When the student
finishes, Mobymax will email the teacher to let her know how the student performed
on this lesson.

(Aligned to Objective)

Using students will complete a 5-10 question quiz requiring them to
cite evidence from the text while making inferences from grade level texts.

(Intervention to Attain

Students that did not meet the goal will need interventions. These students will be
given extra time to work on inferencing on Mobymax. The students will also work
with the teacher in a small group during the week to explore inferences further.